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Topic started by No_name_here on April 5, 2010. Last post by Tempestangel 4 years, 11 months ago.
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 Too much over time?
 Too much over time?

I haven’t decided if this makes me feel old or not. Starting later this month, the earliest POKEMON episodes will rerun every weekday at 6:30 PM PST on Boomerang, Cartoon Network’s sister channel that specializes in classic animation. It’ll be another anime to join the likes of VOLTRON and BATTLE OF THE PLANETS on the station’s line-up.  Boomerang’s been around since 2000 and, as I recall, began by showing re-runs of old WB and Hanna-Barbera cartoons like LOONY TUNES, SCOOBY DOO and TOM & JERRY - - shows originally from the 30s through the 70s. Seeing as how POKEMON debuted in America only two years before Boomerang’s launch, we might have to surmise that the channel must have blazed through six decades of programming before making it to the late 90s. That, or we’re all getting old.

Given this opportunity to reflect, I figure we’ve got a good reason to discuss POKEMON as whole. The series has been running for more than a decade, now.  Has it been getting progressively better, such that those earlier episodes look paltry by comparison in 2010? Or do those episodes, conversely, have a level of quality that DIAMOND AND PEARL can’t measure up to? That is to say, oh constantly-evaluating Anime Vice community… has POKEMON jumped the shark? And if it has, at what specific point did that transgression occur?

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Great, and I mean great in a way that the new generation can watch this.
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...I recently found the first anime I had ever purchased whilst sifting through my closet. It was "Pikachu I Choose You" on VHS.
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You forgot to change comic vine to anime vice again when you copy pasted this article.
As for Pokemon, i felt it got much worse as time went on. While the complete recasting of all the voice actors was bad enough, i just didn't care for the direction the show went into. In the early years of the show it was about telling a story of Ash, Brock and MIsty catching new Pokemon, improving there skills as a trainer and learning life lessons like friendship, hard work and to a lesser extent love; all while set in this fantastical land of Pokemon. Sadly as the show went on it became less about telling an interesting story set in this world of Pokemon and moved it to being more or less a generic show that tries to teach kids a moral lesson about how to behave. Which to me made it lose it's appeal to anyone who wasn't a kid or mindlessly obsessed with all things Pokemon. 
Maybe it's just my complete lack of interest in any of the Pokemon introduced beyond the original 151. What ever the reasoning, I fell like the show is a shell of what it used to be.
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That's awesome!  Most Pokemon goodness for everyone!
What they should do is bring the classic Toonami block to Boomerang with all the anime that was first on it.
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@oishi_47:  Same here its kinda ''in the way'' a the moment because i have no place to put it as of this moment ^_^
Aaaand as for this i don`t get boomerang here and i have the first few episodes and movie on vhs, and the whole first season on DVD+r and the movie on DVD and a few misc episodes on GBA tapes. Sooo i don`t care!
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 Bulbasaur approves!
 Bulbasaur approves!
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 I...can't really watch the new Pokemon series without feeling very awkward...I followed it fairly closely until midway through Advanced Challenge when I felt that it just wasn't cutting it for me anymore. When I decided to check up on Diamond and Pearl while going through the channels recently, I was appalled to see that they stuck rap into the opening -- I mean even 4kids tried keeping the songs catchy...D:
The recasting really didn't sound good either. -_-;;
In any case, I'm glad that the original series is going to air again so more youths can learn of the awesome show that helped shape our childhoods.
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It's neat that they're playing Pokemon BUT... 
A chance to watch the first anime I ever saw? 
My romantic tale of affection here.
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Surely I am not alone thinking this is too "young" to be on boomerang?
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Pokemon was pretty good for maybe a season or two, then it went bad, then it went really bad, then it got a little better, and then it went bad again. 
I haven't seen it in a really long time, but I remember at it's worst the formula went something like this: 
  • Episode starts, our friends are walking on/in a road/forest/cave on their way to destination Y.
  • Suddenly X pokemon shows up, it attacks/runs away.
  • X pokemon's trainer shows up, introduces self and clears up any misunderstandings.
  • Trainer then tells story of X pokemon over tea or something, X pokemon has a great mission/some great ordeal it must overcome.
  • Team Rocket shows up, steals pikachu and/or pokemon X.
  • Pikachu uses an electric attack.
  • Team Rocket blasts off.
  • X pokemon overcomes ordeal.
  • Our friends walk off into the sunset waving at trainer and X pokemon.
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classic pokemon is the only series of pokemon i can watch without cringing.
Post by Oishi_47 (221 posts) See mini bio Level 8
@Kelleth: Not to mention, I don't have a VHS player at my apartment. 
Post by Kelleth (7,798 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@oishi_47: That`s a shame. i do but the darn thing is so old that i worry it might eat the tape if i put it in so i`d rather not XD
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I liked the first few seasons of pokemon(from Kanto to the end of Johto) stopped caring throughout most of Hoenn but I got back into it during Battle Frontier. I don't see why people hate on the latest few seasons so much. I think it's pretty close quality-wise to the first few seasons. I don't see how everyone thinks it got worse. >_> The voice actor shift was only really noticeable during the Battle Frontier arc, if only because the new actors were trying to get used to their roles(particularly noticeable with Ash who sometimes dipped into girl mode and May who shifted between really shy soft speak and grown woman tones). Yes, they sound different but after watching a few episodes you stop noticing it and start accepting the new actors. 
Also, Ash starts fully evolving his pokemon in D/P. That boosts it up quite a bit in my book.
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I wanna be, the very best...
 That no one ever was...
Teach Pokemon to understand-
The Power that's insideeeeee!
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@FLStyle said:
Bulbasaur approves!
Bulbasaur approves!

There should be a show just about Bulbasaur! :)
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It does make me feel old, but this was my only anime interest back then. I think the original is far better than the new pokemon generation.
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This is good news I think! Maybe just because pokemon is a great memory for me.
I liked it up until they went too far past 151 pokemon, it felt more like a money grab to me.  It changed from a rather closed world where you had some kind of idea about each pokemon to this vast world with unlimited pokemon, it lost a bit of its touch and after that just went down hill.
Still, good times. Good times.
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@Zenaxzd said:
" Surely I am not alone thinking this is too "young" to be on boomerang? "
Its kind of perceptional. Like, I'm sure they already show stuff newer than this, or at least notably worse. But like, I remember how confused I was when they put the movie True Lies on AMC. Not only was the movie in color, but it was only like, 6 or so years old.
Like, I can see how this would be a dealbreaker if you really only wanted to watch old episodes of Johnny Quest and nothing else. But since I dig the blend, I don't get too messed up over the fact that yeah, it seems a bit too young.
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