New pokemon game on the horizon!

Topic started by Kelleth on Feb. 2, 2010. Last post by crusader8463 5 years, 1 month ago.
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no more pokemon!
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@FLCL1: To bad that trick only works for Scarlet Witch XD
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@Kelleth said:
" @FLCL1: To bad that trick only works for Scarlet Witch XD "
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I can't wait to see what new Pokemon the 5th generation brings not to mention the changes to the metagame.
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Maybe this will bring Kasumi back to the anime, and I'll be able to watch it again.  Unless Takeshi leaves, in which case I'll continue not to care.  Original trio for life!
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@JJOR64 said:
" @gia:  Pichu is a light yellow color compared to Pikachu.

Wow, that's... odd?
@crusader8463 said:
" I have gotten burnt out on Pokemon. Especially after reading an article did months ago with the people in charge of making the Pokemon games pretty much coming out and saying that they make every Pokemon game to be exactly like the old ones, and actually disapprove of innovative ideas in the franchise. I'm just going to hold out for when they finally get off their asses and make a Pokemon MMO, and hope they don't fuck that potentially greatest game ever up. "
Well, and I'm using something something you said in the sonic thread, but why should they focus on being innovative? They increase the scope a little, and give us the exact same hyper addictive setting. I get burnt out, and then don't play the game for like, 2+ years, but I love it all the same. Why mess with what already works... by putting it in 3d and making Ash turn into a werewolf at night.
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@John_Martone: The reason it annoys me so much for them to just keep iterating small amounts on each new game is simply because, that was time that could have been spent on making the MMO. 
As for the sonic comparison, there hasnt really been a real 2D sonic game in a long time, where as there is a new Pokemon game every few years. I'm just worried about a franchise that i love so much, and was such a huge part of my life as a kid, that it makes me sad to see it getting more and more diluted with each new game. The whole adding 100 new Pokemon in every game, as well as a new type or two, just seems to be over saturating the franchise. One of the coolest things about the original was knowing all 152 Pokemon, how they interacted with each other, and how they all evolved. Now there is like 400-500+ of them, with even more getting added every couple years. The worst part is all but a couple of them are almost always generic throw away designs that most people will never remember. They used to be iconic, now they are just generic bug thing #1-10, thing with a leaf on its head #1-10, dinosaur thing etc etc.
Now we get shit like this.

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