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Pokémon is a franchise comprised of 20 movies, 12 anime series, 15 manga series
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An area where the coast meats the ocean. Consists mostly of sand and water.


A dark opening in a solid mass, like rock.

Cerulean City

Home of Misty, the Water Gym Leader, and Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave.

Cinnabar Island

Home of the Pokemon Mansion, Blaine the Fire Gym Leader, and Missingno.

Cross Academy

A school split into two classes: the Day Class, normal humans attending normal classes, and the Night Class: a group of beautiful men and women who take classes at night...and are secretly vampires.

Fuchsia City

Home of Koga the Poison Gym Leader and the Safari Zone.


Hoenn is the place where Advance Battle and the Battle Frontier challenges take place.

Hot Spring

Naturally created hot baths. People usually bathe in them nude or wearing a towel, they are popular in Japan.


Johto is where "Pokemon Johto Journey's" takes off.


The main setting of the Pokémon X and Y games and anime. The region is inspired by France.

Kanto (Pokémon World)

Kanto is the region Ash Ketchum lives and where the first initial Pokémon journey begins.

Lavender Town

Home of the Pokemon Tower graveyard in Kanto.

Maid Café

Popular in Japan, particularly in Akihabara. Cafés with waitresses dressed in french maid uniforms or other cosplay, the appear frequently in anime and manga.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Orange Islands

Ash Ketchum's second destination following his adventure in the Kanto region. His time here is shown during season 2 of the anime series. He caught his Lapras and Snorlax here.

Pallet Town

The hometown of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in the Pokemon anime. Pallet Town also is the home to Professor Oak and his grandson Gary.

Pewter City

A city in the Kanto region.

Pokémon Center

This is a place where Pokémon can get healed and get nourished.

Pokémon World

The main planet in the Pokémon franchise, occupied by humans and hundreds of different Pokémon species.

Reverse World

Another universe directly opposite of the Pokémon world. The only Pokémon that resides here is Giratina who monitors and maintains the world.

Saffron City

Home of Silph Co, and Sabrina the Psychic Gym Leader..


A place where education take place.

Sevii Islands

An archipelago of nine large islands and several small islands surrounding them. The islands are located south of Kanto.


Sinnoh is the region where the "Diamond and Pearl" series takes place.


Space is the final frontier.


The region where the Fifth Generation Pokemon Games Black and White and the Best Wishes anime take place. It is known that Pokemon from the other regions are not found here.

Viridian City

A city in the Kanto region.

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