If You Where In The Pokemon World What Would Your Story Be?

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To bad i could not add the fact that this is a Fan Fic challenge that might be used for Pokemon RPG`s or Fan-fics in the future to the title but its limited. :P
This thread is for making a small bio on how you would start out in the Pokemon World. You could take the easy route and choose the typical boring Pokemon Trainer story or take use by surprise with a totally new story. Guess I`ll start then ^^  

Rancher Kelleth 
He was born at the Good Life Ranch a ranch which is close to Olivine City. At a young age he has taken a liking to farm work. He would feed the Miltank and shaving the Mareep till night falls. And this took its toll on his Homework which he mailed through Pidgey-mail to his school when he gets to caught up on work.
For some time now he has been taking care of a Mareep that kept being teased by the other Mareep in its herd because it has a pink coat rather then a yellow coat and this created a good friendships between the two. In the several years that passed Kelleth got better at school and the ranch flourished with its ever larger assertion of by-products. That it became impossible for the family to keep the farm up on their own. Rather then emptying the inventory and keeping the farm small Kelleth`s family decided to hire more people outside of the family to keep the farm in business. This however was much to Kel`s dislike since instead of now having to much to do he now has to little to do. The only thing he`s allowed to do now is gathering Sweet honey that the share with the Combee hive in the area. Though disappointed about the lack of work he liked this job somewhat because the long hike to the hive kept him busy through the day.

Another year later he got bored because there wasn`t much to do on the farm because of all the people working there. Now he mostly shows the kids of Olivia City around
the Ranch giving instructions about how to raise Pokemon and how the ranch works but this doesn`t interest him a bit. He now dreams of travelling around with his own set of Pokemon and challenging the Pokemon Gym`s. And especially Whitney a gym leader who he idolizes. So after weeks of whining to his parents, his father finally allowed him to choose a set of Pokemon to aid him on his travels. The pink Mareep naturally was the first pokemon he choose, Next he choose the Pidgey he knew for years who now has evolved into a big Pidgeot, quickly followed by a Spoink who he used to bring to the nearby area in search for rare mushrooms, and a black-flamed Rapidash that only seemed to like Kelleth so it was better off going with him rather then going wild and burning the staff members. Having mustered up enough Pokemon to defend himself he set off to the nearby forest to travel once more to the Combee Hive in order to catch a special Combee that he saw flying in circles for weeks. He reached the Hive where close by a river of honey he saw the weird red Combee flying in circles. 
He sends out Mareep and orders him to do a Thundershock, but before it hits the other Combee around the Red one combine into a wall and Deflect the Thundershock. Not giving up he orders Mareep to do a Quick attack followed by a Iron Tail, This time it was a direct hit and the Red Combee falls to the ground only to pick itself up and attacks with a Bug Bite, Mareep reacts by jumping up and doing a Iron Tail again. This time the Combee wins the first strike and Mareep falls unconscious to the ground. Kelleth calls Mareep back to his Luxury Ball and now summons Pidgeot out who finishes the battle quickly by doing a Wing Attack, the Combee falls to the ground and Kelleth gets a Net Ball out of his Pocket and throws it at the Red Combee who gets locked and caught. He picks up the Pokeball which is still shaking even though the Pokemon is caught. After the shaking stopped he turned his attention to the swirl of Combee that keep a watchful eye on Kelleth for some reason. And in the middle of the Combee`s he sees a Combee who seems to be glowing, this combee evolves in to a Vespiqueen and the other Combee disperse and fly off to work on the hive. Having seen this wondrous event Kelleth then returns to his home to restore his Mareep back to health.

While his Mareep heals Kelleth decides to catch one of the many Miltank`s who inhabit the Good Life Ranch, When he finally corners the Miltank he wants and begins to battle it by calling out his new Combee, but the Combee wasn't quite ready yet since he was still tired from the previous battle and it only took one Rollout to faint it. He then called out his Spoink who easily avoided  the Rollout by doing Bounce over and over. Spoink finally finishes the battle by doing a Psychic Attack to stop the Miltank and attacking it with a Grass Knot. Kelleth throws a Premier Ball at the Miltank who gets caught. Kelleth is now happy that he has six Pokemon and now he can leave as soon they are healed. End Part one
*Yawn* That took long to write and now that i look back it seems a bit boring.  Sooo everybody clear on the subject? Good! One more thing tough i put this in the Pokemon Forums because it isn`t really an RPG its isn`t interactive enough so its a fan-fic thread XD but it is about Pokemon though and you can you these for RPG`s later on :)
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Aww, fun read. While reading this, all I could think of was "So this is what Harvest Moon is like, if it was in the middle of Pokemon"
I've never even seen a combee or spoink yet, so that probably helped.
Post by Kelleth (7,798 posts) See mini bio Level 20
@John_Martone:  lol i thought i added that this is a Harvest Moon/pokemon mix? guess not it was late lol
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Sarah Awoke in the morning, Ready to start her day She had travled so far already and she had 2 pokemon from the sinnoh region. Already looking around getting a feel for where she was She was in the Area of Twinleaf town,She packed up her gear and began walking down route 201.She had arrived in the region with her Eevee,Since her Arrival she managed to capture the bird pokemon Starly and the beaver pokemon Bidoof. She continued to walk down the route until she ran into a trainer itching to fight. HEY YOU WHAT'S YOUR NAME? I'M SARAH MORGAN.....FROM CELADON CITY! After a few Words they engaged each other in battle. The man took his pokeball from his belt and tossed a pokeball on the ground and in a bright flash a butterfree appeared. Sarah reached down on her belt, and pulled her pokeball of her belt and tossed it on the ground and her pokemon starly emerged. The guy quickly went on the attack using his butterfree's confusion attack. Sarah instucted her starly to dodge and bonunce back with a gust attack.

The confusion hit perfectly starly was just to slow for butterfree. STARLY USE YOUR WING ATTACK! The bird pokemon began to fly into the air before smacing the butterfree left and right , Finally the butterfree fainted and he reached on his belt again after returning his butterfree. I CHOSE YOU....LEDIAN! the pokeball hit the ground and soon a ladybug pokemon emerged from the pokeball. Sarah couldnt believe he was still using a bug pokemon against her bug pokemon. ALRIGHT STARLY USE YOUR GUST ATTACK! a huge tornado began to form as the pokemon  flapped it's wings generating a huge wind towards Ledian but the guy was abit smarter with His Ledian. LEDIAN USE YOUR REFLECT ATTACK! the gust hit the wall and suddenly dispersed. Sarah could'nt believe the Wall stopped the whole attack but she quickly found away around it. STARLY USE YOUR PECK ATTACK! The bird's beak began to shine as it connected with the Ledian. It was a super effective hit causing Ledian to faint. GAH!!!!!!!!!! COMEBACK LEDIAN!. Sarah recalled her starly after telling him good job and continued on to Sangem town.

While walking in route to Sangem town she saw lots of Bidoof, and Rattata ,She really wasnt interested in those type of pokemon,She just wanted the types that could be easier to train.She had lost in the Kanto pokemon league comming in the top 16,She won the Johto league with 1st place. She got 3rd in the Hoenn league, So now it was her time to do the Sinnoh Region. After about 3 hours she arrived in Sangem town She healed her Pokemon at the pokemon center and then went to Prof.Rowan's lab.HELLO YOU MUST BE SARAH MORGAN,I'VE HEARED SO MUCH ABOUT YOU FROM PROF.OAK. I'VE GOT A POKEDEX FOR YOU,IT WILL HELP YOU RECORD ALL THE POKEMON FOR THE SINNOH REGION! GO OUT THERE AND BECOME LEGENDARY!.

Sarah took the pokedex and exited the the building,Her first Gym badge was in Oreburgh city, but first she had to stop through the communications city of the world Jubilife city. She continued walking down the strech with her hair blowing in the direction of east, the sun was bearing down on her, she was beginning to feel abit Fatigued, a girl came up to her and challenged her to a double pokemon battle

MORGAN: I CHOSE YOU EEVEE AND STARLY The pokeball hit the ground and the two pokemon appeared.



Before the battle could be put into place a loud alarm began blaring, and the girl and morgan began looking around. Whatever was happening Something needed to be done.....

HUH! YOU WOKE ME UP! WHAT TIME IS IT…….11! HOW MANY MINUTES? 11:45 HOLY CRAP I’M ALMOST LATE. She quickly got dressed and brushed her hair,ran down the steps and grabbed a piece of toast and headed out the door Down the street to Prof. elm’s lab,She looked up in the sky to see the Pidgey’s flying  and the Spearow’s fighting.

She came to a huge white building with a huge poke ball on the top of it, excitement burned inside of her she quickly dashed into the building; she was running so fast she lost her footing and fell right infront of Prof Elm. She looked up and began smiling at him as he smiled back down at her.

OK SO I GUESS YOUR SARAH…HERE SARAH THIS IS YOUR POKEMON...MEET CYNDAQUIL the Pokémon looked like a little mouse with fire burning on its back, Sarah jumped with excitement. OH AND BEFORE I FORGET THIS AND THESE ARE YOURS ASWELL, he handed her a pokedex and 5 poke balls. Sarah burned with excitement and dashed out of the Lab eager to capture a Pokémon . She ran into the tall grass where a Pidgey appeared. ALL RIGHT LET’S SEE WHAT YA GOT I CHOSE YOU! CYNDAQUIL!

The fire pokemon emerged from the pokeball and quickly ignited its fire CYNDAQUIL USE YOUR EMBER ATTACK! The fire pokemon jumped in the air and blew little fire pellets,The pidgey took the hit but then did a sand attack,Sarah threw her hands over her face and then commanded her Cyndaqul to do a tackle.Cyndaquil rushed as fast as it could finally tackling Pidgey to the ground.

Sarah jumped back and tossed her Pokeball at it. The ball spent twice, finally staying still which ment Sarah had caught it. She ran over and picked the ball up swinging it around. Cyndaquil showed it’s happiness by jumping around. Sarah continued her journey West towards CherryGrove city.

Uh like this?
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@Jlynnana:  Yes like that! that was a nice read :)
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Thanks lol
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