Herman Cain's Love For Pokemon Runs Deeper Than Expected

Topic started by No_name_here on Jan. 30, 2012. Last post by Daniel_Newton 3 years, 1 month ago.
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The TRUE realpolitik.
The TRUE realpolitik.

One-time Republican contender Herman Cain’s affection for the inspirational theme songs of children’s fantasy films apparently runs deeper than anybody would’ve suspected. You’ll recall that he admitted later last year that words he quoted in debates and speeches, and alternately ascribed to “a poet” or to “the closing ceremonies of the winter Olympics,” were actually the lyrics of “The Power of One,” Donna Summers’ theme song to POKEMON 2000. Well, when he and Stephen Colbert teamed up in Charleston last week for “Rock Me Like A Hurri-Cain” (an event to essentially ridicule the South Carolina primaries by drawing votes away from active campaigners,) the man further embraced his deep affection for Pocket Monsters.

Watch this clip from THE COLBERT REPORT and skip to 3:39…

The song is actually by Diana Ross and from THE WIZ, of all movies, but I’m sitll amused by how asserts that he “knows him some POKEMON words.” Some suspected that Cain wasn’t as serious about his campaign, and this run was more of a publicity stunt, and the fact that he partnered with Colbert for an actual event would seem to confirm that. Still, if you can’t see how bizarre it is for a man who was, at one point, regarded as the top runner for the GOP nomination to be repeatedly quoting POKEMON, then you are way too close to your own fandom.

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Oh, Cain. You soooo crazy.

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The main purpose of the rally was actually to draw attention to how ridiculous the new(ish) campaign finance laws (under 2008's infamous Supreme Court decision "Citizens United") are, and how they're screwing with the political system. The ruling deigned that corporations are the same as people legally, and are allowed to donate as much money to a campaign as they would like to. (Why those corporations aren't then TAXED the same as people is beyond me).

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I keep thinking that pocket monsters are going away, but now they've infiltrated Washington.

We're all doomed (saved?).

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OMG he sang the song!!!!

the pokemon song! that is so cute!!!

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O.O ahahahahahahahah

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Election should be decided over Pokeopoly.


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This isn't a big deal. He heard the song before he knew it was Pokemon and liked it. The song was sung by diana ross so he wouldn't know if he heard it out of context. When he was told what it was from he doesn't car, he just likes the song.

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Interesting to know...

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@AgentJ: This is correct....need to get better reporting on the tangentail things to fandom.  I know you probably don't pay much attention to them here since not your job but if you are going to report on them do try to get them right.  Expecting us to correct you is not sufficient.
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This guy's just a massive political troll right? ...is it bad that I kind of like him?

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