Pokémon Concepts

Pokémon is a franchise comprised of 20 movies, 12 anime series, 13 manga series
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Episode Recap

Basically a short summary of past events told in one episode.


A Bug/Steel Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Karrablast.


A Psychic type Pokemon, and one of the evolved forms of Eevee.


An esper (or ESP-er) is someone with psychic abilities. The concept is frequently used in a variety of anime series.

Ever Grande Conference

The Hoenn League's general championship competition.


Seen in Digimon series is a ability a Chosen Child or Tamer use to make their Digimon Partner go to the next level.


A Ground/Steel Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Mogurew.


The evolved form of Exeggute this is a grass/psychic type Pokémon


Explosions are featured in a wide array of anime/manga, created from various weapons/attacks.


A Normal Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Loudred.


Eyecatches are short scenes or illustrations used to begin and end a commercial break in anime.

Face Palm

The act of putting your hand on your head in order to show disapproval/dissapointment/anger/irritation.

Fan Service

Fan Service is often a sexually provocative moment or pose that takes place in manga and anime. It usually has no real purpose to a story, and serves as a lurid visual.


A Normal/Flying Type Pokemon.


Fatherhood as a concept. A man who has conceived or raised a child.


A Normal/Flying Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Spearow.


A Water Type Pokemon. Feebas is considered the hardest 3rd generation pokemon to catch this trend continues onward in future games.

Female Ninjas

A Female Ninja in Japanese is referred to as a kunoichi. They were given special training that took advantage of a woman's natural gifts.


A Water type Pokemon and the evolved form of Croconaw.


A Grass/Steel Type Pokémon and the evolved form of Ferroseed.

Fighting type (Pokémon)

One of the seventeen elemental Pokémon types


A Water Type Pokemon.

Fire type (Pokémon)

Effective against Bug, Steel, Ice and Grass types, weak against Ground, Rock and Water types.


The act of catching fish, usually with a rod and reel. Is often seen in any anime that takes place outdoors or in settings in the past where fishing was a valuable skill needed to gather food.


Evolved form of Mareep


A Fire type Pokemon, and one of the evolved forms of Eevee with use of the Fire Stone.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.


A Water Type Pokemon and the Evolved form of Buizel.


A Ground/Dragon Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Vibrava. It's known as the desert spirit because of the song-like voice that eminates from the sandstorms it kicks up.


Fog is a collection of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface. It is used in animes or manga to build a atmospheric element.


A concept used to describe characters who are based on myths, legends, and even religion.


A Grass/Poison Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A Bug/Steel type Pokemon and the evolved form of Pineco.


A trace or piece of an organism that existed in the past, such as a skeleton, shell, or leaf that has been preserved in the earth. The most common fossils found in the world are of Dinosaurs.


A Dragon Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Kibago.


A Water/Ghost Type Pokemon.


The Water Starter Pokemon of the Kalos Region.

Frontier Brain

A Frontier Brain is a powerful trainer that runs a facility of the Battle Frontier.


Ice/Ghost type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of a female Snorunt.


He´s a normal type pokemon that evolves from Sentret. He looks and behaves like a ferret, since he´s based on it.


A Dragon/Ground type Pokémon and the evolved form of Gible.


A Psychi/Fighting type Pokemon and the evolved form of a male Kirlia.


A Bug/Electric Type Pokemon that is the evolved form of Joltik.


A Poison Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Trubbish.


A Dragon/Ground type Pokemon and the evovled form of Gabite.


A Psychic type Pokemon and the evolved form of Kirlia.


A Ghost/Poison type Pokemon.


A Water/Ground type Pokemon and the evolved form of Shellos.


A Legendary Bug/Steel Type Pokémon. Genesect is a ancient fossil that was revived and modified by Team Plasma. N had the project cancelled because he felt that Pokémon, who he thought to be perfect beings, would lose their beauty if modified by science.


A Ghost/Poison type pokemon and the evolved form of Haunter.

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