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Pokémon is a franchise comprised of 20 movies, 12 anime series, 14 manga series
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The First Anime Movie of Pokemon Destiny Deoxys


Red is the star of the first arc of Pokémon Special (known as Pokémon Adventures in America).


Shinji's older brother who is a Pokemon breeder.


Mr Fuji's Assistant at the abandoned pokemon sanctuary in Lavender town.


The host of the TV show Sinnoh Now. She is always seen at Pokemon contests or at crime scenes. A constant running gag involves her boom operator accidentally droping the boom microphone and hitting her on the head with it while she's talking.


A mysterious Pokemon trainer that roams the Sinnoh region.


Ritchie is a Trainer from the anime series, he is almost an exact replica Of Ash.


The leader of the Oreburg City gym


He considers himself a mysterious thief and is Pokémon 7's self-proclaimed rival.


Roxanne is the Leader of the Rustboro city gym in the Land Of Hoenn, She uses rock type Pokemon.


The Gym Leader of Virbank City who specializes in Poison Type Pokémon. Roxie also has her own band called "The Dogas".


Ruby is a character in the Pokémon Manga: Pokémon Adventures. He is also known as Brendan in the Pokemon Anime: Pokémon Advanced.


The main protagonist of Pokémon RéBURST. Ryouga is a user of Burst to which he merges with the legendary Pokémon Zekrom.


She is the Leader of The Saffron city Pokemon gym she specializes in using Psychic type Pokemon.

Sabrina's Kadabra

Sabrina's main Pokémon, it evolved from Abra into Kadabra while battling against Ash's Pikachu.


A young Pokemon trainer from Johto who was part of a the Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City. Her main pokemon is an Espeon that has been with her since it was an Eevee.

Sapphire Birch

May/Haruka's manga counterpart. In Pokémon Adventures she is Professor Birch's daughter. She is also the rival of Ruby and the person who proposed the "80-day-challenge" to him.


One of the four commanders of Team Galactic.


A young trainer who is just starting out on her journey.


A member of the Unova (Isshu) Elite Four. Shikimi specializes in training Ghost Type Pokemon.


One of the Team Aqua Admins.


Ash's new rival he met in Sinnoh. Shinji is smart but treats his Pokemon like tools rather than friends.


A young trainer Dawn met who was about to begin her journey but the Chimchar and the Piplup go into a fight which end up breaking the window of the lab and escaping into the woods.


Silver was a baby Lugia from the Pokemon anime, Ash and company helped free it's mother from Team Rocket.


The rival of Gold who appears in the Gold and Silver chapter of Pokemon Adventures. He is first seen stealing a Totodile from Professor Elm's lab in his goal to take down the Masked Man and Team Rocket. It is revealed that Silver is the son of Giovanni.


Silver is one of characters from Pokémon Chronicles.


Originally a member of the Team Rocket Team "The Three Beasts" Sird was revealed to be one of the commanders of Team Galactic.


Is the Gym Leader of Mistralton City. Specialized in flying Pokemon


Solana is a Pokemon Ranger


Ritchie's Pikachu, identifiable by the scruff of fur on it's head.


A Pokemon Trainer who uses a Blitzle as his main battler. He battled Ash in episode 31 of Best Wishes.

Steven Stone

Steven Stone is the former Pokémon League Champion of the Hoenn Region and his father is the president of the Devon Corporation.


One of the Trainers competing in the Suzuran Conference. His main Pokemon is a Darkrai to which he used to beat all eight of the Sinnoh Gyms and winning the Suzuran Conference.


Tate is the lesser half of the Mosdeep City Pokemon Gym's leader duo.

Todd Snap

He is a professional Pokémon photographer.

Tracey Sketchit

A Pokemon watcher who travels with Ash during his time in the Orange Archipelago, replacing Brock as the third member of the group for a period of time.


A Pokémon photographer who began his journey when Ash arrived in the Isshu region. His starter Pokemon is a Tsutarja.


A Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn Region who competed in the Ever Grande Conference. Tyson was able to beat Ash and eventually became the winner.


He is a high-ranking Team Rocket agent.

Tyson's Meowth

A Meowth belonging to Tyson which is his signature Pokemon. His Meowth was unique as it could stand on it's hind legs and wore a hat and pair of boots.


A talented Pokemon coordinator who is a fierce rival of Dawn's.


A Psychic type legendary Pokemon and one of the lake trio residing in Lake Acuity.


He is a pokemon trainer. He is also the third protagonist of The Legend of Thunder!.


She is one of Misty's Sisters, and one third of the cerulean Sisters, she was also co-gym leader


He is a Team Rocket Sergeant. He trains new recruits for Team Rocket.


The Gym Leader of Sunyshore City. Who specializes in electric type Pokemon.


The former Gym Leader of Sootopolis City who became the Region champion of the Hoenn Region. Wallace is also a Contest Master and he specializes in using Water Type Pokemon. He made his anime debut appearance in the Diamond and Pearl series.


A ninja in training


She is a member of Team Rocket


The president of the BW Agency, a company that has a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts.

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