Best And Worst Nicknames You Thought Up For You're Pokémon?

Topic started by Kelleth on July 7, 2010. Last post by Kelleth 4 years, 8 months ago.
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Pretty much what the title says. I mean i had a couple of good one back in the day but now most of them suck! lol
For me its:
Shiny Mareep = Popuri: I named this Pokémon after a rather popular girl from the Harvest Moon Franchise, even though she has nothing to do with sheep and everything to do with Chickens and Flowers lol
Areodactyl = Wyvern: I named this after the dragon who only has two wings and two feet, Areodactyl does seem to fit that decryption.
Prime Ape = Son Goku: its not that hard to figur out is it? a monkey who loves fighting :P 
Geodude to Golem = The Dude: pretty pathetic and common huh?
Machomp to Machamp = Champ again i didn't really try for this lol
Pidgey to Pidgeot = Pecker: i really don't know how i though this was a good idea, then again it was 15 years ago lol
And now you guys :)
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