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Pokémon: The First Movie is an anime movie in the Pokémon Franchise
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As disastrous as it is, Pokemon: The Movie is only enjoyable. Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Feb. 19, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 4 users found this review helpful.

DISCLAIMER: It's a satire review. Again with the shorts.

Ahh, Pokemon. One of the phenomenal successes to the western audience, that kids grew up watching and regret it when they are older. As the popularity spread, first with the video game: Pokemon Red/Blue on the Nintendo Gameboy and then popularized into manga then an anime series. Selling merchandise like trading cards to toys, it became a huge success for the demographic of kids. As the icon of Pokemon is Pikacku, a cute electric rat that is voiced by the seiyuu, Chooper from One Piece. That success can be overrated exactly, as the theory of 4kids ruining the anime for otaku fans alike. The way , they described it as butchering words from the language barrier to Americanization of the infamous “donuts/rice balls” and James “crossplaying” scandal.

As the success persists, the first movie: Pokemon:”The First Movie” is released and it became a hit to the Pokemon fans. As a kid, I watched this movie and I really enjoyed it as a movie, plus free rare trading cards was given. But towards this generation I just feel like I regret watching this movie because of its awful derivativeness and such. To its annoying theme, both the Japanese to the English versions perceptively. At first, you would not know anything about Pokemon, to what are they to huh? Its their perception of seeing people with beanie babies and...Zzzzz! It's these types of questions that people that isn't into anime watched and how confusing about to say it at least.

While aside from the fact that this movie is called Pokemon: THE FIRST MOVIE, and the fact that there are going to be hell of a ton alot of sequels around this universe. It's “muzuashi!” to just painfully watched all of them, despite liking the Pokemon games lots, to its role-playing perceptive. As the demographic of people who isn't into anime, is quite confused with the title and about the two features that came with the DVD of the movie.

Well, the nice thing about movies that they usually give us alot of background information regarding the storyline. From an anime to say it at least, many other animated movies provide a share of information to the audience that isn't really into anime but would like to watch it. They usually do this because to branded the audience a little bit. What you get is something nonsensical to the non-anime audience. As it might be confusing to about the theme to anything else for newcomers.

The starting of this movie starts with a expedition that is trying to use the DNA of a rare Pokemon to create the strongest Pokemon, Mewtwo. Not wanting to be as a experiment, Mewtwo destroys the scientists that created as he is upset for not wanting to be a clone. Being used by Team Rocket's Leader Giovanni. Mewtwo goes out and takes revenge on human-life by destroying the life of the Earth. Ash Ketchum, as well as Brock and Misty tries to stop Mewtwo from trying to destroy the world. Also they are being stalked by Team Rocket's Jesse and James whom is only interested on capturing Pikacku. As Mewtwo sets up a Pokemon tournament but soon was a trap, attempting to clone all the Pokemons.

As Mewtwo soon cloned all the Pokemons, an all-out brawl began as clones are battling out with the real Pokemons. Difficult decisions on rooting aside, Ash Ketchum really realizes the reluctantless of fighting and how it provokes a greater length of violance. Yeah well, this anime series is basically about Pokemens duking it out as a competition by as brutal as it is, it ISN't cool to him.

“Fighting must be...BAD?” Wuss.

So what do we learn about this onslaught of violence? Fighting is wrong? What can come out of it? Someone gots to take a stand?....Are you done?! Can I continue?... There is no more life lessons that you are going to cram inside the naive minds of us?... I rather... SHUT UP! I GET IT, violence is bad and we should negotiate it, personally. Just stop trying to put lame ass lines in our mouths and continue on with the DAMN story! Talk about being ironic, as this anime series is about fighting and brawling, but this movie IS telling, its bad to fight?! How fucking hypocritical is THAT?!

Well, midst the onslaught battle as Ash is caught in a blast that impacted him from Mewtwo. He suddenly turned into stone. Finally YES! Now I now get to NOT hear his annoying voice. As this impacted all the Pokemon from fighting and started to cry. What crying you asked?! Well the tears from the Phoenix Downs which brings us wussy hero back to life. Just GUH! I mean, how much cliche that can be?! What is this trying to teach, so if you cry hard enough, deceased people will come back to life? Beats Bambe from crying harder so that his father can come back? After that “momentary” moment, Mewtwo decides to not fight as the life lessons given by dumbasses are making him a pacifist and also erases everyone's minds about these mortal life lessons. As the Mortal lessons of this movie is pure bullshit!

Dude, I just don't want to not talk about the acting in this movie that it was derived from the anime series produced by 4kids. Everyone doesn't have a personality, its really bland and stupid and the obnoxious sounds of Ash is just annoying. The only true moments is the seiyuu of Chooper whom voiced Pikachu, its just charming and cute to hear it when you are a kid. From one-liners of Pokemons to stupid talk about “fighting is bad”. Its unnerving to watch it to say it at least. It's rejoicing that I don't watch Pokemon again and I have finished the whole series and not looking at the new one: Pokemon Diamond. It's just annoying to sit through Pokemons brawling while having no personality of the characters. Everything, besides the animation is horrible in this movie. It's not recommended by me but there are lots of other people that will recommend this horrible movie about lame-ass lessons.

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