Pokemon the Origins is Available on Hulu

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This news might be late, but when I got on Hulu today, I notice Pokemon on the front page's updates. I was estatic that Origins, all 4 episodes, are available in dub. I watched the series in sub, and I enjoyed it. I never thought that Naruto's voice actress nailed Red's character. So far, the dub is also enjoyable. With Hulu, I probably have a chance to get screenshots for the wiki projects. I hope you fans try watching Origins.


The dub has subtle censorship in Squirtle and Marowak's scenes.

  • Charmander's screams are shortened.
  • Marowak's screams are shortened as well while the sound of Team Rocket's taser is skipped over. You don't hear the beatings.
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Thanks for the information... now if only it would come to Netflix :(

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I'm a heavy HULU and Crunchyroll user now. I did use Netflix only for the one month trial back in Winter 2012-13 (Winter 2012-13 Experiences: Trying Anime & Manga Recommendations: I used it to watch Angel Beats in the dub version since CR had it subbed). Personally, Netflix has a smaller library of anime, but there are Netflix exclusive shows on CR and HULU doesn't have such as Spider Riders. Though, Netflix doesn't have subbed anime. All anime are dubbed on that channel.

Yeah, if I do come across Pokemon on Netflix, I will inform you. I will create a Netflix company wiki page since I created HULU and Youtube company wiki pages because they deal with Simulcast.

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