Pokémon: Movie Manga Concepts

Pokémon: Movie Manga is an manga series in the Pokémon franchise
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Known as the Original One, Arceus is the creator of the entire Pokémon Universe. Arceus is also the creator of the lake guardians and the dragon trio.


A Dark type Legendary Pokemon that has the ability to give horrible nightmares to anyone around it.


A Steel/Dragon Type Legendary Pokemon. Dialga is the god time.


One of the legendary dogs said to be the reincarnation of one of three Pokemon that perished in a tower fire.


A Ghost/Dragon type Legendary Pokemon. Has the ability to travel through dimensions. It is sometimes referred to as the God of Death.


Humans are typically depicted as the dominant species of the planet Earth, and sometimes of other planets. Humans often mirror their real life counterparts in terms of abilities and intellect, while other times they can achieve superhuman feats.


An Illusion is a condition of being deceived by a false perception or belief.


A Water/Dragon Type Legendary Pokemon. Palkia is the god of Space.


A group of creatures that inhabit the Pokémon world. They have fantastic powers not demonstrated by normal animals.


One of the Legendary Dogs. Raikou is electric type Pokemon that seen in the Johto region.


A Dragon/Fire Type Legendary Pokemon of the Unova Region. Reshiram is known as the Vast White Pokemon.


A Grass Type Legendary Pokemon that is able to change form when it is near a Gracidea flower.

Shiny Pokémon

The game term given to Pokemon that appear in a alternate coloring in their species. So far a number of Shiny Pokemon have appeared in the anime.


A Legendary Water type Pokemon. It is known as the North Wind.

Time Travel

The ability to travel from one era to another, forward and/or backward.


A Psychic/Fire Type Legendary Pokemon.


A Dragon/Electric Legendary Type Pokemon of the Unova Region. Zekrom is known as the Deep Black Pokemon.


A Dark type Pokemon and the evolved form of Zorua. Known as the Ruler of Illusions, because of its ability to turn into any Pokemon or human.


A Dark type Pokemon and the pre-evolved form of Zoroark.

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