Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Characters

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl is an anime series in the Pokémon franchise
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Gardenia is a Pokemon Gym Leader

Gary Oak

The grandson of Professor Oak and once Ash Ketchum's rival.


He is the leader of Virdian City Pokemon gym and he uses ground Type Pokemon. He is also the leader of Team Rocket.


A Pokemon Coordinator from Slateport City who is May's rival.


A Pokemon Trainer that competed in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition. She was partnered with Brock who at first didn't care for him but became impressed with his battling skills.


A deadly Pokemon Hunter who has crossed paths with Ash and his friends, quite a few times.


Member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie, whose determined to steal Ash's Pokemon.

James's Cacnea

A Grass type Pokemon James caught while in the Hoenn Region after releasing his Weezing. Cacmea had a habit of smothering James whenever it came out of it's Poke Ball. Cacnea was later given to Gardenia so that it could improve it's skills and get stronger.

James's Carnivine

A Grass type Pokemon that James owns.

James's Mime Jr.

A Psychic type Pokemon belonging to James.


She is the Gym Leader of the Olivine City. She specializes in using Steel type Pokémon.


Member of Team Rocket, Jessie is always after Ash and his friends' Pokemon. With her comrades Meowth and James, she uses her Pokemon for bad intentions, and is always making clumsy mistakes to make her lose her goal or intention.

Jessie's Dustox

A Bug/Poison Type Pokemon belonging to Jessie. She originally caught her as a Wurmple while in the Hoenn region. While in the Sinnoh Region she released her during the Dustox Crossing so she could start a family.

Jessie's Seviper

A Poison type Pokemon that Jessie (Musashi) caught while in the Hoenn region.

Jessie's Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet is a blue-colored stiff Pokemon. A Psychic type Pokemon who doesn't attack directly. He does absorb attacks directed at him and counters.

Jessie's Yanmega

A Yanmega belonging to Jessie.


A wealthy woman and James future fiancée. He is afraid of her and is the reason why he ran away from home and joined Team Rocket.


Dawns mother who was once a top cordinator in pokemon contests.


One of Team Galactic's four Commanders.


A Pokemon a Coordinator who is a childhood friend/rival of Dawn.


A Trainer from the Johto region who is good friends with Lyra.


A Famous Pokemon Coordinator who was Johanna's Friend/Rival when they were young. She is also known for Developing Contest Master Wallace's outfits.


A member of the International Police who was sent to Sinnoh to track down and stop Team Galactic. After finishing his task Looker was sent to Unova (Isshu) to investigate Team Plasma.


A member of the Sinnoh Elite Four who specializes in training Psychic type Pokemon.


A Pokémon trainer from Johto who Ash and his friends met while in Sinnoh.


A young Officer Jenny Ash and his friends encountered in Episode 59 of Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl.


Anime counterpart of Crystal. Marina is a Pokémon trainer and coordinator from Johto.


A Pokemon trainer that is interested in Shaymin.


One of Team Galactic's four Commanders.


Max is May's younger brother.


May traveled with Ash in the Hoenn region and competed in Pokémon Contests.

May's Blaziken

May's starter Pokémon, given to her as a Torchic by Professor Birch.

May's Munchlax

Munchlax that appeared in the Hoenn Region that was caught by May.


The Gym Leader of Veilstone City who specializes in training fighting type Pokemon.

Meowth (Team Rocket)

Pokemon that is a member of Team Rocket who is partnered with Jessie and James.


A Psychic type legendary Pokemon and one of the lake trio residing in Lake Verity.


A Pokemon Trainer that Ash, Dawn and Brock met on their way to Hearthome city. She asked Dawn if she could use her water type Pokemon to retrieve something in a flooded city in exchange for teleporting them to Hearthome.


A Pokemon Trainer from the Sinnoh Region who is a traveling Minstrel.


Norman is leader of the Petalburg City gym. He uses normal type Pokémon and is also the father of May and Max.

Nurse Joy

Nurse Joy is one of many identical nurses positioned in every town and village in the Pokémon series, and are trained to treat Pokémon injuries at the Poke-Center.

Officer Jenny

She is the police officer found in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh looking for criminals and pokemon poachers.


A Frontier Brain of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier. Palmer runs the Battle Tower and is the father of Pearl or Barry in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series.


One of the judges of the Hearthome Collection show who is a stylist. She suggested to Dawn and Ash to enter the Collection Show.


One of Team Galactic four commanders.

Princess Salvia

A princess that resembled Dawn and wished to switch places with her in order to enter a Pokemon contest with her Togekiss. After winning she gave Dawn her Togekiss so that is can continue to enter Pokemon contests.

Professor Oak

He is the authority on Pokémon. He gave Ash his Pikachu.

Professor Rowan

The resident professor of the Sinnoh region. He studies andspecializes in Pokémon evolution.


Shinji's older brother who is a Pokemon breeder.


The host of the TV show Sinnoh Now. She is always seen at Pokemon contests or at crime scenes. A constant running gag involves her boom operator accidentally droping the boom microphone and hitting her on the head with it while she's talking.


A mysterious Pokemon trainer that roams the Sinnoh region.

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