Pokémon Crystal: Raikou - Legend of Thunder Concepts

Pokémon Crystal: Raikou - Legend of Thunder is an anime series in the Pokémon franchise
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Crazy Anime Hair

Huge spikes, multiple colors, gravity-defying ponytails... and it's probably all natural somehow too.


A Water type Pokemon and the evolved form of Totodile.


Humans are typically depicted as the dominant species of the planet Earth, and sometimes of other planets. Humans often mirror their real life counterparts in terms of abilities and intellect, while other times they can achieve superhuman feats.

Limited Wardrobe

Limited Wardrobe applies when a character wears the same outfit constantly, regardless of the setting or season, despite it being non-mandatory as opposed to wearing a uniform.

Manga Iconography

Common visual conventions seen in manga and anime to convey emotions, often for comical effect.


A Grass type Pokemon and the evolved form of Bayleef.


A Ghost type Pokemon that likes to play pranks.


A group of creatures that inhabit the Pokémon world. They have fantastic powers not demonstrated by normal animals.


One of the Legendary Dogs. Raikou is electric type Pokemon that seen in the Johto region.


A Steel/Flying type pokemon.


A Steel/Ground type Pokemon and the evolved form of onix.

Team Rocket

Team Rocket is an evil crime syndicate from the Kanto region.


A Fire Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Quilava.

Unreal Hair/Eye Color

A popular design choice for characters in anime is to give them natural hair and/or eye colors that do not occur in real nature.

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