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Pokémon: Black & White is an anime series in the Pokémon franchise
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A Twinkle in the Sky

A common trope in anime & manga. When characters or objects are launched into the sky, they vanish and a small twinkle appears where they disappeared.


A ancient prehistoric Pokemon know for being a carnivore.


Beings from another planet.


A Water type Pokemon.


A Dragon/Flying type pokemon and the evolved form of Swablu.


A Grass/Poison Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Foongus.

Animal Cruelty

Just like reality, anime and manga have animal cruelty where humans treat animals like objects and use them for fights to entertain themselves. It's cruel to neglect to take care of an animal and it is also cruel to kill or torture animal without reason.


A Rock/Flying Type Pokemon which is believed to be the ancestor to all bird Pokemon.


A Rock/Flying Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Archen. Unlike its flightless pre-evolution, Archeops is capable of flying, but is more adept at running. It's speed could even outrun a automobile.


An Ice/Flying Legendary Type Pokémon.


A Normal Type Pokemon that is used by the Nurse joy's of the Isshu Region.


A Dragon Type Pokemon from the Isshu region.


A Water Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region. There are two types of Basculin one that is Red and the other Blue.


A Ice Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Cubchoo.


A Psychic Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Elgyem.


Betrayal is the act of treachery or a violation of a trust or allegiance. This can be to one's friends, country, or God.

Big Bad

Usually the main villain of the season/show. Alongside the "Bigger Bads", they are the most difficult to defeat or even kill.


The evolution of Wartortle.


A Electric Zebra Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A Rock Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Roggenrola.


A Normal Type Buffalo Pokemon from the Isshu (Unova) Region.


Bulbasaur is the first Pokémon listed in the Pokédex. It's a grass type and one of the three original starter Pokémon.

Bullies and Bullying

A bully is a person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.


A Ghost/Fire Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Lampent.


The final form of Charmander. Charizard is one of the most recognizable Pokémon, and a Pokémon icon.


The first in the evolutionary line of Charizard. It is one of the original Kanto starters. If the flame on it's tail goes out it will die.


Pokemon No. 005 in the Pokedex and the evolved form of Charmander.


Trained people, typically female, who stand on the sidelines of a sporting event and cheer for one of the teams. They usually chant, move in formation, and perform acrobatics.


Someone or something to do with cooking.


The practice of dressing like characters from anime, manga, video games, and even novels, TV shows, celebrities, etc.

Costume Change

Normally in anime and manga a character will wear the same outfit throughout the series. But there are many characters who are known for changing into elaborate costumes, costumes they'd never wear normally, either for comedic relief, to gain power, or for their own mysterious reasons.


A Grass Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.

Crazy Anime Hair

Huge spikes, multiple colors, gravity-defying ponytails... and it's probably all natural somehow too.


A Ice Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A Fire Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Darumakka.


A Fire Type Pokemon based on a Daruma doll.


The deer Pokémon, Its from the 5th generation and its set to appear in Pokémon Black & White and Best Wishes. Its the first to be Grass/Normal type and it appearance changes depending on which season its in. It evolves in to Mebukijika and is believed to travel in huge herds.


A Detective is one who works to solve crimes and mysteries of the world using not brawn, but their minds. These can be part of law enforcement or freelance.


A water type Pokemon and the evolved form of Mijumaru.


Seen in Digimon series is a ability a Chosen Child or Tamer use to make their Digimon Partner go to the next level.


In anime, a cute, clumsy girl. Her klutziness usually hurts other people more than herself.

Dragon type (Pokémon)

One of the seventeen elemental Pokémon types


The Dragon Pokemon when it evolves it loses its elegant body for that of a powerful Dragonite


A Dragon/Flying type Pokemon and the evolved form of Dragonair.


A legendary creature that is typically reptilian, that can fly and can breathe fire and sometimes ice.

Dreams & Nightmares

The imaginary events that goes on in your head when you are asleep. In some anime's they can bring important messages or to haunt a person.


A Ground Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A Dragon Type Pokemon from the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A Water/Flying Type Pokemon.


A Psychic Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Solosis.

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