Pokémon: Black & White

Pokémon: Black & White is an anime series in the Pokémon franchise
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The fourth anime series based on the Pokémon video games, following Ash and friends' adventure in the Unova region.


Pokémon: Black & White is the fourth Pokémon anime series which includes the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth seasons. It is adapted from the Pokémon video game series, specifically Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. The anime first aired in Japan on September 23, 2010 and in America on February 12, 2011.


Pokémon: Black & White follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum in the Unova region where he aims to defeat powerful Pokémon Trainers, earn badges from Gym Leaders, and enter tournaments in order to become a Pokémon Master. He is joined as always by his partner Pikachu along with their new friends Iris and Cilan. In the second season, Ash and his friends enter the Pokémon World Tournament, where he is also joined by his old friend Dawn and her Piplup.


See also: Pokémon: Black & White (anime) characters for all characters in this series.

Major Protagonists

The main protagonists of Pokémon: Black & White, as with each of the preceding anime series, are Ash Ketchum and his traveling companions.

Ash Ketchum (サトシ Satoshi)
Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto Sarah Natochenny
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Gender: Male
The main protagonist. Ash is a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town in the Kanto region. With his partner Pikachu he travels to the Unova region to challenge Pokémon Gyms to earn enough badges to enter the Unova Pokémon League. Ash dreams of one day becoming a Pokémon Master. The majority of the Pokémon he caught in previous regions are under Professor Oak's care back at his lab in Pallet Town. When Ash catches his sixth Pokémon in the Unova region, taking his total with Pikachu to seven, he sends his additional Pokémon to Professor Juniper's lab.
Iris (アイリス Airisu)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki Eileen Stevens
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Gender: Female
A wild girl from a village where many Dragon-Type Pokémon can be found, Iris enjoys eating berries and swinging from vines. She first meets Ash when he mistakes her as a Pokémon. Her travelling companion is a Dragon-Type Pokémon; Axew.
Cilan (デント Dento)
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano Jason Griffith
Occupation: Gym Leader, Pokémon Connoisseur
Gender: Male
One of Unova's Gym Leaders, Cilan is an A-Class Pokémon Connoisseur who leaves his Gym to travel with Ash and Iris. Cilan can determine the compatibility between trainers and their Pokémon. His main Pokémon is a Grass-Type; Pansage.
Dawn (ヒカリ Hikari)
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi Emily Bauer
Occupation: Pokémon Coordinator
Gender: Female
A Pokémon Coordinator who previously travelled with Ash and Brock in the Sinnoh region. She is reunited with him in the second season and they enter the Pokémon World Tournament. Her main Pokémon is a Water-Type; Piplup.


Ash and his companions each develop rivalries with other trainers during their travels in the Unova region.

Trip (シューティー Shūtī)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe Jamie McGonnigal
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Photographer
Gender: Male
A trainer who begins his Pokémon journey as Ash arrives in the Unova region. Their rivalry begins when he challenges Ash to a battle immediately after receiving his first Pokémon, and defeats Pikachu, who's electric attacks were unfortunately disabled at the time.
Bianca (ベル Beru)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō Bella Hudson
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Gender: Female
Quirky and somewhat clumsy, Bianca is another trainer starting her journey in the Unova region. She meets Ash after Professor Juniper asks her to give him a badge case. She appears to be knowledgable about different Pokémon and their moves, having studied before starting her journey.
Burgundy (カベルネ Kaberune)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hayama Suzy Myers
Occupation: Pokémon Connoisseur
Gender: Female
Burgundy was a regular trainer taking the gym challenge, but was defeated by Cilan who gave her advise as a Pokémon Connoisseur. Feeling humiliated, Burgundy became a Connoisseur herself and aims to defeat Cilan and become a famous, top grade Connoisseur.

Major Antagonists

The main antagonists of the series are the Team Rocket Trio, a group from a large criminal organisation bent on taking over the world. Unlike in previous Pokémon anime series, Team Rocket has it's own side-story largely separate from Ash's adventures.

Jessie (ムサシ Musashi)
Voiced by: Megumi Hayashibara Michele Knotz
Occupation: Team Rocket Member
Gender: Female
Jessie, though usually hotheaded and aggressive, seems to have changed somewhat since earning a promotion before being sent to the Unova region. Donning a new black uniform instead of her old white one, she acts much more calmly and professionally during missions. To avoid drawing attention to themselves, the trio are told they must only use Pokémon native to the Unova region. The first Pokémon she captures is a Woobat.
James (コジロウ Kojirō)
Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki Jimmy Zoppi
Occupation: Team Rocket Member
Gender: Male
Like Jessie, James seems to have gone through similar changes since their promotion, and also wears the new black uniform. He is shown to have numerous skills, including those necessary to bypass security systems, allowing the trio to steal precious objects discretely. He, too, was unable to bring his previous Pokémon to the Unova region, the first Unova Pokémon he captures is a Yamask.
Meowth (ニャース Nyāsu)
Voiced by: Inuko Inuyama Jimmy Zoppi
Occupation: Team Rocket Member
Gender: Male
Meowth is a walking, talking Pokémon and a member of Team Rocket is his own right. Because of this, he is allowed to travel to Unova with Jessie and James, despite being a Pokémon from another region. He is very quick-witted, cunning, and resourceful, proving to be quite an asset to the trio.

Theme Music

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English Themes

OP01"Black and White"Erin Bowman, Joe Philips01-48
OP02"Rival Destinies"Alex Nackman, Kathryn Raio49-??

Japanese Themes

OP01"Best Wishes!"Rica Matsumoto01-86
OP02"Be an Arrow!"Rica Matsumoto87-??
ED01"Fanfare of the Heart"Aki Okui01-28
ED02"Can You Name all the Pokémon? BW"Takeshi Tsuruno29-62
ED03"Seven-colored Arch"Pokémon BW Choral Gang63-80
ED04"Look Look Here"Momoiro Clover Z81-??
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 44
Decisive Don Battle! Ash VS Iris!!
1 - 43
Climactic Don Battle! Emolga VS Sawk!!
1 - 42
Fierce Fighting Don Battle! Snivy VS Pawniard!!
1 - 41
Everyone Gathers! Don Battle!!
1 - 40
Zorua The Movie! The Legend of the Pokémon Knight!!
1 - 39
Fossil Revival! Ancient Mysterious Bird Archeops!!
1 - 38
Sommelier-Detective Cilan! Audino Disappearance Case!!
1 - 37
Roggenrola! Let's Fire the Luster Cannon!!
1 - 36
The Dragon Buster Appears! Iris and Excadrill!!
1 - 35
Palpitoad, Stunfisk! Battle on the Water!!
1 - 34
Rival Battle! Vanillite, Timburr Compete in a Battle!!
1 - 33
Elgyem and the UFO!
1 - 32
The Cottonee in Love Rides the Wind!
1 - 31
The Missing Hotachi! Oshawott's Biggest Crisis Ever!!
1 - 30
The Road to Become a Dragon Master! Axew VS Druddigon!!
1 - 29
The Scary Story of the Litwick Mansion!
1 - 28
Emolga VS Snivy! The Volt Change Chaos!!
1 - 27
Beware of Cute Faces! Emolga Paralyses!
1 - 26
Fisher Sommelier - Cilan Appears!
1 - 25
Castelia Gym Match! Purehearted Bug Pokémon Battle!!

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Shinji Miyazaki
Norihiko Sudo
Toshiya Yamada

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