Pokémon: Black and White Characters

Pokémon: Black and White is an manga series in the Pokémon franchise
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The Pokemon League Champion of the Unova (Isshu) Region.


A young trainer from the Unova (Isshu) region who is somewhat unreliable and a bit of an airhead. Bianca's father forbid her from embarking on traveling the region and because of this she ran away from home to start her journey.


Black aspires to be a "Master Trainer" and beat the Elite Four and become the Champion. He is very clever, as he uses his Pokémon in various ways to help him with tasks.


The Gym Leader of Castelia City (Hiun City) who specializes in Training Bug Type Pokemon.


Cheren is one of Black's childhood friends


One of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City. His main Pokemon is a Baoppu.


One of the Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym who decides to follow Ash on his journey through the Unova Region.

Cilan's Pansage

A Pokemon belonging to Dento. Dento used Yanappu for his gym matches.


The Gym Leader of Driftveil City, who specializes in training Ground Type Pokemon.


One of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City. His main Pokemon is a Hiyappu.


The Gym Leader of Nimbasa City who specializes in training Electric Type Pokemon.


A friend of Professor Araragi who specializes in studying Pokémon Trainers, as well as studying Pokémon dreams.


One of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma and N's father.


A member of the Unova Elite four who specializes in training Dark Type Pokemon. Grimsley was also a former card dealer in a casino.


A young girl from the Unova region who lives in the wilderness and strives to become a Dragon Pokémon Trainer. She becomes Ash's new companion on his journey through the Unova region.


The Gym Leader of Shippou City who specializes in training Normal Type Pokemon, she resides in Nacrene City and is an archaeologist for the local Museum.


The leader of Team Plasma and adoptive son to the Plasma Sage Ghetsis. N aspires to create separate worlds for humans and Pokémon.

Professor Juniper

The Pokémon Professor of the Unova region.


A member of the Unova (Isshu) Elite Four. Shikimi specializes in training Ghost Type Pokemon.


Is the Gym Leader of Mistralton City. Specialized in flying Pokemon


The president of the BW Agency, a company that has a large supply of Pokémon actors that can be used for commercials, plays, movies, and stunts.

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