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Pokémon Adventures is an manga series in the Pokémon franchise
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One of the few Pokemon that has two different evolution methods 1, in the anime it evolves by having a Shelder bite the head of a Slowking whilst its holing a kingstone 2, In the game all it needs is a Kingstone and trade. Due to the shell on its head its now balanced enough to stand on two feet, its also smarter


A Dark/Icy type Pokemon.


A giant, lazy Pokemon that sleeps most of the day. When awakened, it can consume over half a ton of its favorite food, vines.


Eats bugs in grassy areas. It has to flap its short wings at high speed to stay airborne.


A Water/Psychic type Pokemon and the evolved form of Staryu, most commonly seen with Misty throughout the anime series.


A Water Type Pokemon carried around by the Water Gym Leader Misty.


A Steel/Ground type Pokemon and the evolved form of onix.

Team Rocket

Team Rocket is an evil crime syndicate from the Kanto region.

To Be Continued

To be continued in anime are usually use for cliffhangers or a continuing plot


The Idea of a character transforming into a animal, monster, creature, demon, or other types of creatures.


A Water type Pokemon, and one of the evolved forms of Eevee with use of the Water Stone.


The evolution of a Ivysaur, this pokemon seems to be the elder and leader to all Ivysaur and Bulbasaur that meet it


The villain of the story.


A Electric Type Pokemon that resembles a Poke Ball.

Water type (Pokémon)

Strong against Fire, Rock and Ground types. Weak against Electric and Grass types.


Hairy Bug Pokémon, Weedle is a Bug/Poison dual-type.


A Poison type pokemon and the evolved form of Koffing.


A Legendary Electric Type Pokemon.

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