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Pokégear is a anime/manga thing
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Former leader of the Pewter City Gym, Brock travels with Ash Ketchum, hitting on every attractive woman he meets.


She is the Gym Leader of the Olivine City. She specializes in using Steel type Pokémon.


A Pokemon trainer from the The Legend of Thunder Special. He is the anime counterpart of Gold.


A Trainer from the Johto region who is good friends with Lyra.


A Pokémon trainer from Johto who Ash and his friends met while in Sinnoh.


Anime counterpart of Crystal. Marina is a Pokémon trainer and coordinator from Johto.


First of many adventurers to travel with Ash Ketchum on his Pokémon journey. Misty specializes in water type Pokémon.


He is a pokemon trainer. He is also the third protagonist of The Legend of Thunder!.

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