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Poké Ball is a anime/manga thing
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A ball that can capture and hold a Pokémon, there are various types that have various special abilities.


Ash holding a Poké Ball
Ash holding a Poké Ball

A Poké Ball is a device used to capture Pokémon. Poké Balls are usually issued to a Pokémon Trainer after receiving his or her first Pokémon, after running out a trainer must purchase more from a Poké Mart. A Poké Ball cannot catch the Pokémon of another trainer unless hooked up to a snag machine.

Though the technology behind a Poké Ball remains unknown, the basic mechanics are simple enough to understand: in a Pokémon battle, once an opposing wild Pokémon has been weakened, a person, the Pokémon Trainer, can throw a Poké Ball at it. If the Poké Ball hits the Pokémon and is not knocked back by it, the Poké Ball will open, convert the Pokémon to a form of energy, and pull it into its center, closing. A Pokémon in this state is given a chance to struggle to attempt to escape, at which point the ball will either be destroyed (in the games and some manga) or will return to the Trainer (anime), who can attempt once again to capture the Pokémon. A Pokémon who does not escape the ball will be caught.

Some Pokémon, a prime example being Ash's Pikachu, refuse to return to their Poké Ball, be it out of dislike or fear. In other cases, some Pokémon refuse to come out of their Poké Balls.

Types of Poké Balls

  1. Poké Ball - standard.
  2. Great Ball - easier to catch Pokémon than the Poké Ball.
  3. Ultra Ball- easier to catch Pokémon than the Great Ball.
  4. Master Ball - catches a Pokémon without fail.
  5. Net Ball - works well on bug and water Pokémon.
  6. Nest Ball - the weaker the Pokémon, the easier the Capture.
  7. Repeat Ball - works well on a Pokémon you've caught before.
  8. Timer Ball - the longer it takes to catch a Pokémon the better this ball works.
  9. Luxury Ball - makes your captured Pokémon bond with you faster.
  10. Dusk Ball - makes it easier to capture a Pokémon at night or in Dark places.
  11. Heal Ball - heal the HP and special conditions of the Pokémon that it contains.
  12. Quick Ball - a Ball best used for a first encounter.
  13. Dive Ball - makes it easier to catch a Pokémon living in water.
  14. Premier Ball - a decorative Poké Ball, it was made to commemorate something.
  15. Safari Ball - a Ball issued by the Safari Zone.
  16. Heavy Ball - works well on heavy or large Pokémon.
  17. GS Ball - unknown.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Poké Ball
Japanese Name: モンスターボール
Romaji Name: Monsutābōru
Aliases Pokéball
Poke Ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Net Ball
Nest Ball
Repeat Ball
Timer Ball
Luxury Ball
Dusk Ball
Heal Ball
Quick Ball
Dive Ball
Premier Ball
Safari Ball
Heavy Ball
GS Ball
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon #1
1st anime movie: Pokémon: The First Movie
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