Plug In

Plug In is an anime episode of Charger Girl Ju-den Chan that was released on 06/25/2009
A goofy send-up of mech and loli from the creator of Mahoromatic and KissxSis.
Plug Cryostat is a Charge Girl from a parallel world know as Life Core. Working for the corporation Neogem, Plug charge up people that are depress to boost there self-esteem so they don't go into a deep depression or commit suicide.

Using some invisible suits, Plug fly around finding people that need charge up. When she find someone, she pull out a giant electrical plug and used it charge a person. Since she did not ground herself, Plug burnout her own suits. Now she got a pay cut and force to work overtime.

One day, we Plug was working, she meet Sento Oumi at Sunday Mama, a family restaurant. For most unknown reason, his can see "Plug". After see a girl flying in the air, Sento used a baseball bat to hit Plug then ask if she a burglar. Then Sento little sister, Hakone Oumi and her friend Iono Tomonaga, ask what his doing but they can not see Plug.

Plug realize that Hakone is depress. She tried to charge her but Sento prevent Plug to do any weird thing to her little sister. Later that night, Plug tell to Sento what she is and what she does. After that she went to find out what the reason Hakone is so down. She find out that the reason is Sento. Plug tried to convince Sento to charge his little sister but only to find out that Hakone went out to commit suicide. When Sento tried to save his sister, Plug finally got the chance to charge Hakone.

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