Please Teacher

Please Teacher is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series
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A romantic comedy in which an alien takes on the form of a beautiful human woman and becomes a teacher on Earth. There, she accidentally winds up married to one of her students.

Quick break down
Please Teacher had to be one of the strangest animes to be adapted into a series, Created by Yosuke Kuroda and was first shown by WOWOW network on the 10 of January in 2002 . It was directed by Yasunori Ide and had a grand total of 13 episodes before it was finished, due to it popularity it was soon made into a manga as well as a light novel. It also saw a spin off show called Please Twins based after the events of Please Teacher it was shown in July 2003, Both series are now  Licensed for Bandi to distribute In America.

The Plot

The Perfect School:D
The Perfect School:D
The story follows a group of high school students and their day-to-day lives; the main character is young boy with a rare disease, which causes him to break into a comatose state when he is stressed out called Kei. Believed to be the cause of this was when he witnessed his sister’s suicide. As he comes to term with everything that happens, He watches an alien spaceship crash and a half human/ Alien come out called Mizuho Kazami , She has been sent to watch earth and to help in the human races development. But Upon seeing her he flees from the scene only to have another stressed induced state and perhaps at the worst possible moment as he falls in the lake and starts to drown. Saving him Kazami takes him home and using his information creates an identity for herself. It just so happens that this identity makes her his next door neighbor and his new teacher.

The story takes many funny twist and turns as the two as Kei starts to deal with his issues and of course it is a high school so romance is in the air and not only between the students!The series is very good and deals with a lot of issues as well as having a lot of fun Highly recommend this to any anime fan.

General Information Edit
Name: Please Teacher
Name: おねがい ティーチャー
Romaji: Onegai Tiichaa
Aliases: Onegai Sensei
Please Twins
Onegai Twins
Anime and Manga
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