Please Take Me Skiing

Please Take Me Skiing is an anime episode of Gintama that was released on 12/05/2012


Please Take Me Skiing

Toshiro and his pals has a mission to babysit the Shogun at the skii resort. Things go wrong when Gintoki takes the Shogun and rides him like a human ski board by accident. Will Gintoki, Toshiro, and the gang survive their crazy ski vacation?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Dilemma (ジレンマ)" by Ecosystem

Shinpachi freaks out about how their first take is messed up. Kagura and Gintoki suggests burning the building much to Shinpachi's surprise. Toshiro talks about how they cannot abandon Edo to take a ski trip to Sogo. Sogo tells him that he's paranoid and not grateful and suggests that Toshiro should stay behind. When Kondo say that he is not a gorilla, Toshiro's father shoots Kondo. He says that one decision can make the team fall apart, and he asks them if they rest or die. After shooting Kondo, he threatens Toshiro to take a break by rubbing his pistol on his son's head. His father informs him that he must take and watch a person while on vacation.

At the ski resort, everyone gaze in awe about a guy who has ridiculous hang time which a helicopter is helping him. The helicopter fires at the people who are innocent. Toshiro asks his lord if he wants another crotch rush. As Toshiro talks about how they have to babysit the shogun, one guy tells him that they scaring a tourist. Toshiro replies that they will convince them that this is how they do it. He calls Sogo to bribe the staff member to stop the lift, so no one can use it. Sogo reports that someone is creating a huge snowman. He follows Kagura who tells him that this is a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon. Suddenly, the helicopter gets hit by a snowball. Sogo tries to beat Kagura with snowballs while Kagura tries to smash him with a snow bat. Kondo reports that Shinpachi's crew is here as he rides the ski lift. He also reports that a man in his underwear is hanging on one of the ski lifts which freaks out one girl who is frantically kicking him. Toshiro corrects him by pointing out that it's the shogun. Kondo jumps at the girl with his boxers revealed. Yet, he gets hit by the shogun who is thrown by the girl. (She calls him hentai by the way.)

Kondo and the Shogun are in a lewd position as they ski unconsciously on the slope. Toshiro tells them to rescue the shogun to avoid embarrassing him. However, the guys ski off a hill where the shogun's body hits Gintoki by accident and Kondo ski onward. Toshiro asks Gintoki if he is fine. Gintoki steps on the shogun and use him as a ski board without even noticing. Toshiro runs off and uses Kondo as a ski board. As he catches up to Gintoki, Toshiro tells Gintoki that he is using the Shogun as a ski board. Then, Gintoki points to what Toshiro is usuing as a board. When Toshiro tells Gintoki to stop, Gintoki replies that he is a beginner and doesn't know how. In the heat of the moment, Gintoki realizes the ski board (Shogun) slows down when he tugs the guy's underwear. Toshiro tries it and notices it leaves a trail, and Gintoki explains that it is a penile brake trail. Toshiro tells him to stop because the Shogun can leave any heirs.

However, they break the brakes when they see blood on the trails. As they ski off course into the forest, Tae appears to the rescue with Shinpachi as a skii board. Despite what Gintoki says, Tae explains that riding Shinpachi is way easier than using a regular ski board. Tae tells them how to use a human ski board. She reveals Shinpachi's glasses and state that they are handle bars. Yet, not every human wear glasses. Toshiro suggests using the penile brake with a dirty look on his face. Kagura tries to help by using herself as a snow ball. Despite Kagura's positive outlook, Sogo tells them that they all going to die. Gintoki remarks that they are like the angel and devil in your head. To add on, Kagura and Sogo play along and act demonically as the snowball turn black. Suddenly, the snowball shines and reveal Kotarou. Gintoki and Toshiro asks him if he has ever heard of a penile brake. A loud man scream is heard.

Later, Toshiro wakes up on the ground, and the guys fell off the tree. He pulls everyone out only find no Shogun, and he realizes that he can't use his cellphone. Toshiro gives up while Shinpachi yells out for the Shogun. By the fire, Toshiro tells them that they will lose their heads, but Gintoki refuses to acknowledge that. Tae tells them to find some naked people to cuddle to get warm. Kotarou is stuck in a snowman for some reason. Sogo suggests blaming the leader for the Shogun. Toshiro tells them to split into two. The other team makes a shelter while the other finds the Shogun. After the Rock Paper Scissor game, Kondo loses and tells them that he going to find some clothes. Gintoki reminds him that he has some clothes which makes him happy. Toshiro tells everyone to give Kondo some clothing. Yet, he gets gloves instead. Kotarou gives Kondo, a snowman head. Yet, Kondo rewards him by tossing Kotarou off the hill.

Toshiro narrates about how would they survive.

Closing Theme

Anagura (アナグラ)" by Kuroneko Chelsea

Points of Interest

  • The first scene looks like clay animation.
  • Tae acts like a teacher for human ski board; she calls glasses as "Shin-chan."
  • Gintoki remarks that Kagura and Sogo are like the angel and devil in your head.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hidaeki Sorachi Original Concept A manga artist who is best known for his series Gintama. He is seen in Gintama as a gorilla.
Shinji Takamatsu Director
Audio Highs Music Composer for Gintama and Bakuman.


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