Play Games at Most One Hour a Day!

Play Games at Most One Hour a Day! is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 12/03/2011

Demon Invasion Arc

Play Games at Most One Hour a Day! - "Gēmu wa ichinichi ichijikan made desu" (ゲームは一日1時間までです)

Furuichi and the team play against Lord En and his wet nurses in a video game while Oga gets training from Zenjuro.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Baby U!" by MBLAQ

Himekawa's crib
Himekawa's crib

While the helicopters soar, Furuichi and the others walk to Himekawa's place which is a luxurious, tall building. Himekawa shocks everyone about owning every floor. As they go inside a room of computers, Nene protest that she never knew how to play games. Shiroyama, Furuichi, Lamia, and Yuka also confess that they don't know how to play. To add to the trouble, Natsume stated that they don't know what kind of games does Lord En play. Chiaki finds a fighting game, Streaking of Fighters IV. Out of nowhere, Chiaki finds Lord En whose gamer name is Enoh. After sending him a message, Furuichi and Lamia confirm this is Lord En. Furuichi tells Chiaki to type what he says. However, Lord En does not respond. Lamia tells Furuichi to be careful. Lord En texts them that he will tell them about his whereabouts if they beat him. Chiaki loses to Lord En who is actually Isabella playing secretly.

Himekawa's game room
Himekawa's game room

At the mountains, Zenjuro sits on Oga who tries to get away. When Zenjuro lets Oga go, Oga immediately runs away and uses his new move against him. Yet, Zenjuro splits a bigger rock. Oga smashes another rock to pieces. However, Zenjuro cracks the mountain that Oga was climbing in half much to Oga's surprise. In class, Ryoko tells Takumi that everyone has a stomach ache much to Takumi 's disbelief. The following morning, Himekawa gather everyone into his computer room and has everyone take a computer. They prepared to play End of War 4. The rules are to wipe out the opponents. After everyone make their avatar, everyone fusses over each other's avatar in awe and shock.

The wet nurse brigade has arrived
The wet nurse brigade has arrived

Back to Oga, Oga and Beel are exhausted. Beel crawls to Zenjuro and agree to let Zenjuro to train him much to Oga's disappointment. Zenjuro tells Oga to throw away his pride. He sits by Beel and pats Beel on the head and tells Zenjuro that he won't throw away his pride. At Himekawa's place, they play the game. Kanzaki and Furuichi are under fire, and Natsume reports nothing's wrong except that Shiroyama is still spinning. It's the same for Nene. However, Nene throws the grenade and fires. Yuka finds herself facing Nene's chainsaw. Chiaki and Lamia rush to save Yuka. Suddenly, Furuichi spies an enemy who is about to kill Kanzaki. In the nick of time, Himekawa snipes the enemies off. At Lord En's base, Isabella motivates the men who are in love with the demon wet nurses. Lord En gets so anxious to prove himself and runs out. Yolda and Satura stop him and convince him to stay back. Chiaki and Nene find a tank which Chiaki points to the enemy lying in ambush. Natsume and Shiroyama are ambushed by two enemies, and Yolda catches Nene and Chiaki. In the nick of time, Nene saves Chiaki and loses her life. Lord En makes some taunts at the Ishiyama delinquents and threatens to cry a ton which Furuichi and Lamia are in shock of their life.

Ending Theme

"Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪" by Sasaki Nozomi

Points of Interest

  • Shiroyama confuses account with "red poop" which is aka unko.
  • The game, Streaking of Fighters IV, that Chiaki play is a parody of Street Fighters.
  • In SFIV, the character gets stronger when their clothes are off.
  • Natsume calls Chiaki by her last name.
  • End of War 4 could be a reference to Call of Duty or any shooter games.
  • Himekawa has his pompadour down in this game.

Anime/Manga Differences

This episode probably covers chapters 96 and 97 of volume 11. *Need to read the manga first to confirm.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ryuhei Tamura Original Concept Ryuhei Tamura is the author of Beelzebub.
Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Masami Abe Key Animator
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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