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A different version of Agumon introduced in Digimon Savers. He is the partner of Masaru Daimon.


Aldebaran is one of the twelve Gold Saints of Athena. He is the largest of the 12 Gold Saints.


The true leader of the Royal Knights who is the true final evolution for Dorumon.

Alphonse Elric

Ostensibly a hulking suit of metal, Al is actually the soul of a sensitive, kind teenage boy that has been attached to an empty suit of armor.


Yoh is amidamarus main spirit ally who helps Yoh in his quest to become the Shaman King.


A former member of the Knights of Margrave Kreutz, and now leader of the rebellion against the queen.

Aries Mu

Mu is one of the Gold Saints serving Athena. He and Dohko were the only ones who knew the true intentions of the Pope (Saga in a disguise), and by that they rebelled against the sanctuary. he is responsible for repairing the damaged armor and is one of the strongest and intelligent allies of the Bronze Saints


A Close Combat-Type Delta Angeloid sent down to Earth by her Master in the world of Synapse to kill Tomoki Sakurai, she fails in her mission and takes up residence with Tomoki and Ikaros. She is quite the klutz, and seems to horribly blunder even the most simplest tasks.

Azai Nagamasa

A former ally of Oda Nobunaga, now rebelling against him. He is a man fighting for justice and vows to destroy anybody who creates chaos


One of the Four Digimon Sovereings. He rules the western hemisphere of the Digital world.

Barry the Chopper

Barry the Chopper was once a famous serial killer who was thought to be executed, but his soul was bonded with a suit of armor and charged with guarding Laboratory 5.


Bason is the ghost of an ancient Chinese wujiang who serves Ren faithfully and obeys him without question. In the English manga Bason calls Ren "Master Ren," while in the Japanese version he calls Ren "Bocchama," which means "Young Master.

Berserker (Zero)

A Mysterious Black Knight Participating in the Fourth Holy Grail War


A black virus type version of WarGreymon created by Arukenimon by fusing together 100 Dark Towers (Control Spires). Even though he contains the virus, he only fights for his personal protection and justice.

Blue Knight

The Blue King and leader of Leoniz. He wields one of the Seven Arcs which is his sword.


An axe-wielding barbarian warrior that is apart of Santa's group, and Pierce's lover.

Briareos Hecatonchires

One of the main characters from the Appleseed franchise. Briareos was once human until he was injured on the battlefield. He body is now almost entirely replaced with robotic parts.


Formerly an elite soldier of the empire, Braht defected and joined the rebel assassin team Night Raid. He uses the Teigu "Incursio."


A capable warrior and the only female present in the Hawk's ranks. She is Guts love interest.


One of the Twelve Divine Generals.


A chocobo from Wonderland who becomes emotionally attached to Yu, after finding a chocobo feather. He joins the twins on their journey to search for their parents he also knows when the train arrives and is leaving.


A member of the Royal Knights. Craniummon is a Skull Knight Digimon whose armor is made of Black Digizoid. He wields a double bladed sword called "Claíomh Solais" and the shield "Avalon" as his weapons.


A member of Team Twilight who is the DigiXros form of SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon. He is the true leader of Team Twilight and is manipulating Nene for his own plans.

Date Masamune

Also known as Azure Dragon. One of the main chracters of the Sengoku Basara game. He is skilled in swordmanship and usually uses six worlds when fighting.

Doctor Doom

Female counterpart from the Marvel Mangaverse reality. Sister of the Black Panther of the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


A Gold Saint loyal to Athena who wears the Libra Cloth. Also referred to as "Old Master" by his student Dragon Shiryu.

Don Krieg

Don Krieg was once known as the cruelest pirate in the East Blue. He is dependent on his heavy armor and dangerous weapons in combat against his foes. He ran away from the Grand Line after experiencing major difficulties and decided to return to his old stomping grounds.


One of the members of the Royal Knights and the Ultimate Evolution (Mega Level) form of Guilmon.


One of the 10 Legendary Warriors. He is the corrupted form of Lowemon, created by Cherubimon and was given to Kouichi Kimura.


A member of the Royal Knights who is a very strong warrior due to his immense strength giving him the title of a Juggernaut.

Elcia Harvence

One of the lead heroines in Purely Kiss.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.

Eucliwood Hellsythe

A necromancer who lives in the Underworld who resurrected Ayumu Aikawa as a Zombie to be her bodyguard and a constant companion. Due to her immense amount of mana she is unable to speak. She communicates with either a simple smile or by writing her thoughts and ideas.

Flash Sentry

One of the new guards working at the Crystal Empire and Love Interest of Twilight Sparkle in MLP Equestria Girls.


Gara is an old friend of Dark Schneider. He's also a master ninja.


Adoptive father of Guts. He always blamed Guts for the death of his wife. Once when Gambino got angry with Guts, Guts fought back and accidently killed Gambino.

General Durahan

One of Moo's generals who commanded a vast army of his subordinates. Despite appearing loyal to Moo he plans to betray him and take his power for himself.


The mysterious eighth Servant of Fate/Stay Night. He's the self-proclaimed King of Heroes and the strongest Servant. He has a strange obsession with Saber.


A member of the Band of Seven who is half mechanical and loves to use weapons.

Gold Claw

One of the members of Panther Claw that appear in Re: Cutie Honey. Gold Claw is the Club of the Four Gods.

Gourry Gabriev

A dim but kind swordsman.


The leader of the band of the Hawks and main villain of Berserk. After being Guts closest friend, he has betrayed him and joined the God Hand - the most powerful servants of evil in the setting.


He is an extremely strong apostle but honorable and shows respect to those he deems worthy, such as Guts and Zodd.


Lead character of berserk manga and anime series

Ieyasu tokugawa

The third of the Three Unifiers. Although small in size, he makes it up with his trust over his generals as well as his control over his most prized general (or creation), Honda Tadakatsu.


The main protagonist of Ruin Explorers. Ihrie is searching for something called the Ultimate Power which she will use to get revenge on her teacher for placing a curse on her that changes her into a mouse whenever she uses her stronger magic.


The next evolution for Paildramon who is able to change into three different forms. Dragon Mode, Fighter Mode, and Paladin Mode.


The father of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, InuTaisho was the former ruler of the west.

Iron Maiden

Antoinette Stark is the younger sister of Anthony Stark, who has disappeared. Female counterpart of Iron Man of the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Isis Petrovna Ellenskaia

A Knight that graduated from the same Royal Knight Academy as Ryuuto Henge.

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