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Planetes is an anime series in the Planetes franchise
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Trash Collection and Politics Reviewed by Elfenlied1012 on Oct. 27, 2013. Elfenlied1012 has written 76 reviews. His/her last review was for Planetes. 139 out of 153 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Hey Animevice how you guys doing today, it’s the night before my birthday (Though I’ve spent a week messing around not editing this > .>) so how better to celebrate my birth then to talk about an old 2003 anime from Sunrise the Bandai subsidiary. I know straight from the headlines, I’m so god damn topical. Well Regardless my sights are set on Planetes so sit down and enjoy.

Planetes, which means wanderers in ancient Greek (and where we get the word planet from) is a hard science fiction anime set about a century ahead of us where space resources become a massive deal, namely helium-3 on the moon and metals on mars, however as space exploration continues the amount of junk in space grows, while this may seem like the problem of a whinny hippy, but anyone familiar with the concepts of speeds based on reference frames knows that a floating piece of junk moving at the speed of a mile and hour in its own reference frame is moving at several thousands of miles per hours according to the reference frame of the earth, which that little screw becomes a spinning landmine. Well in this world debris clearers of space are a largely underappreciated necessity in this future. Here the story of the debris clearers takes front and center. There is a bit more with like a man mission to Jupiter, but that’s only matters late show.

When I say Planetes is hard science fiction I mean it, it’s hard enough to make Time of Eve seem like Muv love… except for the one episode with ninjas in it…yeah that was a bit silly, but in large this series takes on the concepts practicality and difficulties of space pretty well, tackling problems and not just space littering, you get cosmic radiation, muscle degeneration, energy issues, and more than a handful of social and political issues. Lastly I’d say the series has some iron balls. It’s completely unapologetic about its political sidings and takes some really hard and ballsy positions. With one episode in that theoretically justifies acts of terrorism only two years after 9/11 drives it’s not giving a shit attitude home.

Should go into space with things the way they are? Short answer yes....Always yes.
Should go into space with things the way they are? Short answer yes....Always yes.

I’m not saying it’s going too far, because if you handle something well there is nothing that is sacred in fiction. On the other hand I don’t exactly agree with some of the political undertones throughout, however I do applauded it for having something to say especially when a lot of the anime industry is about playing it safe and running off the successes of the predecessors. Both in its genre and political message planetes is refreshing different although at times inconsistent.

Planetes is difficult to describe as specifically entertaining. It’s a little funny, but often misses, the story is refreshing, but not super engaging, tonally interesting, but inconstant with things like moon ninjas destroying immersion. In all I feel like there isn’t much to be said about Planetes. In all ways it’s not super great, but really manages to be functional and refreshing. I suppose in a short summation Planetes is a perfect show for if your simply thirsting for something different which I so am, giving from the gut Planetes a 4 real space cowboys out of 5. I know the review was short vice, but I feel like I owe you after that bullshit long review of Attack on Titan. Later Vice.

Also the desire for cigarettes saving humanity.
Also the desire for cigarettes saving humanity.
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