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Planet Vegeta is a anime/manga location
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A parasite who desires nothing more than to see the destruction of all Saiyans


Planet Vegeta is Bardock's home planet, it is a planet that was once inhabited by two types of people, the saiyans which is the race that Bardock comes from, and the Tuffles which were not a warrior race like the saiyans, they had many wars and the tuffles only survived due to their incredible technology. However when a full moon came upon the planet Vegeta and all of the saiyans transformed into great ape form, the power level of every saiyan increased ten fold and they overpowered the tuffles as even their best weapons could not harm the giant monsters. The planet was then renamed after that long and terrible war which the saiyans overpowered and destroyed the Tuffles. The planet was named after the king of the saiyan race, and that king is known thanks to the Bardock movie. King Vegeta, the father of Vegeta who would help goku in many of his battles. King Vegeta had a power level of about 10 000 and was able to easily destroy 3 planets with a one handed blast. This planet would be the base of the planets, and lower class saiyans would be sent to wipe out weak planets, hence because goku only had a powerlevel of one, he was sent to planet Earth. Bardock was seen as a lower-class saiyan but through herd work became even stronger than king vegeta right towards the end of the movie.


Known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly is a non-canon character who only appears in a couple of movies and various Dragon Ball video games.


Chilled was a space pirate who was a part of Frieza's unnamed species. He is an ancestor of Frieza and his family. Chilled, according to the Manga "Episode of Bardock" was the person who started the legend of the "Super Saiyan".


One of Freeza's top two henchmen along with Zarbon.


The only female member of Bardock's crew.


The intergalactic tyrant who destroyed Planet Vegeta along with almost the entire Saiyan race.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.


Hatchiyack is a tuffle supercomputer who makes ghost warriors and he is turned fighter when he absorbed the pure haterd of Dr.Rachi

King Vegeta

King Vegeta is the father of Vegeta and Tarble and also the King of the Saiyans.


A Saiyan warrior who came to Earth with Vegeta. Tempted by the power of the Dragon Balls to grant wishes.


Onio is a character parodying the original concept of Saiyans,he first appeared in Akira Toriyama's Neko Majin which was a self-parody of Dragon Ball,in which he lands on Earth with his wife Honey for their honeymoon.

Original Super Saiyan

The Original Super Saiyan spoken of in legends and myths. His own power destroyed him.

Original Super Saiyan God

Mentioned in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, this unnamed Saiyan, as said by Shenlong, is the first one to reach the Super Saiyan God form to stop the evil Saiyans.


An overweight Saiyan. ally of Bardock.


Goku's older brother in the Dragon Ball Z series. Came to Earth and kidnapped Gohan to blackmail Goku into joining him.


Scarface is one of the Saiyans seen when some of the Z Fighters use the Pendulum Room to travel back in time.


The brother of Vegeta.


An ally of Goku's father, Bardock.


Another Saiyan who managed to escape from the planet Vegeta, after it's destruction by Frieza. He plans to create the Fruit of the Gods to make himself stronger.


Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyan race, he is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe.


Freeza's right-hand man.

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