Plane, the Absolute

Plane, the Absolute is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 01/25/2010

Plot Summary

Togame travels to a mysterious island to track down the current head of the Kyotouryuu fighting style to assist her in locating the Klesha Bringers, twelve weapons of extraordinary power.

Detailed Summary

Shichika, Nanami and Togame enjoy a meal and some tea
Shichika, Nanami and Togame enjoy a meal and some tea
Tasked by the Shogunate to retrieve the Klesha Bringers, Togame travels to a remote island to find the current head of the Kyotouryuu fighting style. When she gets there, she meets Shichika Yasuri, the current head of the art form. After a brief test of his skill, Togame travels back to his home and is introduced to his sister, Nanami Yasuri. Here, Togame explains her reasons for coming to the island and asks for Shichika's assistance in retrieving the weapons. Because of past instances of betrayal by ninjas who kept the swords for profit and a swordsman who refused to turn over his weapon out of pride as a swordsman, Togame tells Shichika that he is the ideal candidate to help due to the facts that he does not care about worldly possessions and that as a Kyotouryuu practitioner, he has no interest in swords. In exchange for his help, she tells Shichika that she will allow him to fall in love with her.
Togame witnesses her father's death
Togame witnesses her father's death
After announcing this, the house is attacked by Koumori Maniwa, the ninja who betrayed Togame. Shichika rushes off and the two engage each other in combat. When the battle comes to a stalemate, Koumori retreats into the woods, taking Togame with him. Using his ability to change his shape, his transforms into Togame and heads off to find Shichika in order to kill him. However, his plan backfires when Shichika, who is terrible at recognizing faces, blindly attacks Koumori-Togame. Injured and shocked at Shichika's stupidity, Koumori tries to turn Shichika against Togame by telling him her true past: Togame is the daughter of the man Shichika's father was ordered to kill (and killed in front of her no less) and that her mission is solely to collect the weapons on her own behest so that her ranking in the military and government will increase.
Shichika pummels the crap out of Koumori
Shichika pummels the crap out of Koumori
Koumori's plotting has an opposite effect as Shichika feels sorry for her after hearing the tale and decides to assist her. Koumori attacks Shichika by transforming into him to gain his superior strength but makes a critical mistake when he tries to wield Zettou Kanna. It's not a case that Kyotouryuu users don't wield swords, it's that they can't wield them, which causes Koumori to drop his weapon in the middle of an attack and Shichika counters him with a brutal series of attacks, ending the battle. After finding Togame, the two head back towards Shichika's home where Nanami gives them her blessing and their quest begins.


NameUsed ByUsed On
Absolute Retribution StrikeKoumoriShichika
Lily of the ValleyShichikaShichika
ChrysanthemumShichikaZettou Kanna
Shichika HachiretsuShichikaKoumori

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Yasunori Ebina Audio Director A japanese audio engineer and director
Tsuyoshi Kawada Character Artist/Designer
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Keitaro Motonaga Director
Makoto Uezu Writer
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.
Atsushi Itagaki Animation Director Key Animation on Code Geass, Durarara, and the Evangelion Rebuild films.


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