Piximon Cometh

Piximon Cometh is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 07/04/1999

After more walking through the desert and pondering the power of the newfound Crests, the group run into a Kuwagamon (they guess possible the same one from before) hiding underground, who gets a hold of Tai. All seems lost when Agumon hesitates to digivolve (after the SkullGreymon incident). Tai rescues Agumon from the attacking Kuwagamon and they quickly find themselves in a tight situation− that is until Piximon rescues them in the knick of time. Piximon is known for his tough training of other Digimon, and explains he has heard much about the children and they’re Digimon, but is not impressed. He insists on training with them and informs Tai and Agumon that they will receive special training, because they need it the most. The group decides to trust the strange Digimon and he leads them to his hidden home through at secret doorway in the desert. They find themselves in a forest and see Etemon behind them. Piximon informs the worried children that all Etemon can see is the desert, so they are safe. They begin their long ascent up a huge hill to Piximon’s home, partly driven by the desire for food and arrive to find that first they will be mopping the floors. While everyone else keeps busy, Piximon leads Tai and Agumon to a mysterious cave where they are told their task is to find a way back. That night they awake to find themselves on a small boat floating down a river and while wondering how they got there, Tai falls into the water and pulls Agumon in after him.

When everybody is sleeping, Matt and Izzy's tags begin to glow. They head down the hill into the forest and Piximon spots them, informing the others of their departure the next morning. The girls joke around and claim that Joe will be the next one to disappear, causing him to accuse Piximon of their friend’s mysterious disappearances. Meanwhile, Matt and Izzy continue searching for their Crests. Izzy wants to find his Crest so Tentomon can digivolve, but Matt is hoping that he’ll learn something about himself, and grow as a person when he finds his Crest. They are led to a well that is slightly outside Piximon’s hidden home. They find the Crest of Friendship and Crest of Knowledge inside the well walls, but because they are outside of the protected area Etemon detects the two of them and sends Tyrannomon to attack. They escape back into Piximon's forest, but Tyrannomon breaks open the invisible shield hiding it. With the other Digimon still tired from yesterday's training, their hope rests on Tai and Agumon.

Meanwhile, Tai and Agumon are still in the boat spinning down the strange river. They stop and appear on a bridge where Tai sees a younger version of himself trying to ride a bike. They help the young Tai ride his bike and he fades away into the distance. Tai and Agumon realize that the fear of Agumon digivolving into SkullGreymon was keeping them from trying, similarly to the younger Tai not wanting to ride his bike because he was afraid he would fail. They understand that the task was all about overcoming their fears and escape the ‘prison.’ Agumon digivolves just in time to save the group and destroy Tyrannamon and Etemon’s Dark Network surrounding them. The children thank Piximon for his help and return to their search for the remaining Crests.

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