Pisti is a anime/manga character in the Magi franchise
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Pisti is a member of Sinbad's Eight Generals.


Little is known of Pisti's origins, but she is actually a Princess of the Artemyra Country, being the daughter of Queen Mira Dianus. At some point, she became a General under King Sinbad of Sindria for reasons currently unknown.


Pisti is created by Shinobu Ohtaka as a supporting character in the Magi franchise. Her name originates from the Greek word, πίστη (Pisti). This means faith. She first appears in volume 8: chapter 77 and episode 18. She is voiced by Rumi Okubo.


Not much has changed about Pisti's character since her introduction.


Despite that she is an adult, she has an appearance of a little girl. She is very short and petite, smaller than Aladdin and she has long blond hair tied to the back into a braid.


Pisti is a kind-hearted young woman, but she seems to enjoy patronizing those who initially believe her to be a child, only to find that she is an adult, such as with Alibaba, who is actually younger than her. She is also envious of women with larger breasts than her, given that she is rather flat chested.


  • Sinbad - Pisti's leader. The origin of their relationship is unknown. Pisti is of another country and is royalty as well, but still opted to follow Sinbad.
  • Yamraiha - The only large chested woman that Pisti is particularly friendly with. They are both Generals under Sinbad.

Story Arcs

Sindria Arc

Pisti and the other Generals of Sindria stood at the dock of Sindria to welcome their King, Sinbad from his journey. Pisti informed Sinbad that there had been no abnormalities during his absence. She witnessed Sharrkan defeat one of the Southern creatures with the other generals and afterwards, she introduced him to Alibaba, who Sinbad had decided would be Alibaba's fencing teacher. A short time later, she was also present when Prince Hakuryuu and Princess Kougyoku of the Kou Empire arrived at Sindria. There was a subsequent argument between Sinbad and Gyoukuei who had met before, and Kougyoku accused Sinbad of taking advantage of her while she slept. Looking for the support of his generals, Sinbad was not pleased when none of them believed in his innocence given his reputation as a womanizer. After Sinbad had General Yamraiha use her magic to reveal the events of the night in question, his innocence was surprisingly proven and the generals apologized for not believing in him.

Zagan Arc

Pisti was sent by Sinbad to accompany Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana on their quest to capture their second Dungeon. She demonstrated the power of her household vessel for the first time when a Sea monster attacked their boat. Using the power of the Djinn Zepar, Pisti stopped the wild creature, since it gave her the ability to communicate with creatures. She then ordered the creature to return to the sea and it complied.

Afterwards, Aladdin and Alibaba go for a swim, Morgiana staying on the boat explaining to Pisti that she had never swam before. When Aladdin and Alibaba returned to the boat, they thanked Pisti saying that they had fun, since she was the one who made the waters safe. But when Aladdin calls her by name without using honorifics, Pisti asked that they call her "Miss". Aladdin and Alibaba were surprised since she was so "young", but she revealed that despite her appearance she was older than Alibaba by a year and by extension, older than Aladdin as well. She got closer to Aladdin, asking if he was surprised by her age, but Aladdin responded by touching her breasts, and asked why he should call her "miss" since there was nothing there, making Pisti upset. She left their conversation and went over to Morgiana instead.

The group made their way to Torran Island, and Pisti told them to be cautious as Terran Island was not part of Sinbad's lands and that they should avoid doing anything questionable. The trio, along with Prince Hakuryuu who convinced Sinbad to let him come along, left the boat. Pisti did not go with them beyond the harbor of Terran.

Powers & Abilities


Pisti utilizes the power of Zepar the Djinn.

Household Vessel:

Pisti communicating with a wild creature.
Pisti communicating with a wild creature.

Pisti uses a flute as her household vessel. It allows her to communicate with animals. She claims that her own voice can replicate the effects of her household vessel. She prefers birds over other animals although she can communicate with any animal. She has used it in such ways as summoning large birds and using them for aerial transportation.

Voiced by
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Rumi Okubo
General Information Edit
Name: Pisti
Name: ピスティ
Romanji: Pisuti
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #8
1st anime episode: Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic #18
1st anime movie:
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