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Baroque Works

Baroque Works is an evil organization created by the Shichibukai, Crocodile. Male agents are named after Numbers and female agents are named after certain days.

Bellamy Pirates

The Bellamy Pirates are a gang of pirates who traveled the Grand Line as they thought they were going to bring about a new great age where dreams were dead. Captained by Bellamy.

Big Mam Pirates

Big Mam Pirates are a crew of pirates led by Big Mam, a member of the Four Emperors.

Black Cat Pirates

The band of brutal pirates under the leadership of Captain Kuro, the Black Cats lay low after their captain fakes his own death in order to not only shake the Marines, but to set his latest scheme into motion.

Blackbeard Pirates

The Blackbeard Pirates are a band of outlaw pirates that were formed by their captain, Blackbeard.

Buggy Pirates

The Buggy Pirates are a band of wild and not particularly strong pirates. They follow under their current captain Buggy the Clown.

Dark Past

One or more past events that negatively affected one or more people. It's very common in an anime for at least one person to have such a past.

Davy Back Fight

The Davy Back Fight is a competition of several games between pirates ending in a fight between captains. At risk is crew members and the pirate's mark and sail.

Don Quixote Family

The Don Quixote Family is an organization of pirates that secretly take part in many underground activities and led by Don Quixote Doflamingo.

Eleven Supernovas

The Eleven Supernovas are eleven pirate rookies that make up the next generation of great pirates. These are the pirates who survived the first stretch of the Grand Line.

Fighting Dirty

Sometimes its the only way to win a fight, and sometimes characters just have no honor. Either way these characters don't like to play fair.

Four Emperors

Four Emperors are the four strongest pirates in the Grand Line who each command a different crew.

Foxy Pirates

The Foxy Pirates are a band of pirates that travel the Grand Line and challenge other crews to the Davy Back Fight. The Captain is Foxy the Silver Fox.

Golden Lion Pirates

Golden Lion Pirates are a crew of wicked pirates led by the Golden Lion Shiki.

Heart Pirates

The Heart Pirates are a band of pirates from the North Blue that were formed by their captain, Trafalgar Law.

Impostor Straw Hat Pirates

The Impostor Straw Hat Pirates are a fake band of pirates modeled after the true Straw Hat Pirates to take advantage of their reputation. Formed by Demalo Black.


Capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment .

Kuja Pirates

The Kuja Pirates are the most elite of all the Kuja Amazons from Amazon Lily. Their captain is the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock.

New Fishman Pirates

The New Fishman Pirates are a group of fish-men pirates who are dedicated to other throwing the Fish-Man Island's royal family and attacking the surface world. They are led by Hody Jones.

Red-Haired Pirates

The Red-Haired Pirate crew are a band of pirates that sail the world for adventure and treasure. Led by the captain, Red-Hair Shanks.

Roger Pirates

The Roger Pirates was once the greatest pirate crew in the whole work. They were captained by the once Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.


Seacons were a Decepticon team that specialized in Undersea combat.

Snow Guerrillas

The Snow Guerrillas are a group of all-female pirates in the manga series "Cobra" and anime series "Space Adventure Cobra".

Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates are a band of hero adventurers who sail the seas of the Grand Line. Led by the Captain, Monkey D. Luffy.

Sun Pirates

The Sun Pirates are a group of fish-men from Fish-Man Island and formed by Fisher Tiger.

Thieves & Con Artists

Thieves and con artists are people who take objects of value from others by theft or trickery.


The massive battle of death between 2 factions or nations. Can either be because of religion, need for power or wealth, hatred of the other faction/nation etc.

Whitebeard Pirates

The Whitebeard Pirates are one of the most powerful pirate crews on any side of the Grand Line. Led by the captain who matched the power of Gold Roger, Whitebeard.

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is a group created by Syura which comprises of individuals from various countries outside of the Imperial Empire. Each individual relishes in carnage and terrorizing citizens either through rape or murder. Syura's main objective for this group is to lure out Night Raid by committing heinous acts.

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