One Piece #42 - Pirates vs CP9

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 07/04/2006

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 42

Pirates vs CP9 - 海賊 VS CP9 (Kaizoku vs Shī Pī Nain)


Chapter 400. The Releasing Key.....Pg.

解放の鍵 (Kaihō no Kagi)

Chapter 401. Pirates VS CP9.....Pg.

海賊 VS CP9 (Kaizoku vs Shī Pī Nain)

Chapter 402. No. 2 Handcuffs.....Pg.

2番の手錠 (Ni-ban no Tejō)

Chapter 403. Mr. Chivalry.....Pg.

Mr.騎士道 (Misutā Kishidō)

Chapter 404. Franky VS Fukurou.....Pg.

フランキーVSフクロウ (Furankī vs Fukurou)

Chapter 405. Power.....Pg.

パワー (Pawā)

Chapter 406. Life Return.....Pg.

生命帰還 (Seimei Kikan)

Chapter 407. Monster.....Pg.

モンスター (Monsutā)

Chapter 408. Monster VS Kumadori.....Pg.

怪物VSクマドリ (Monsutā vs Kumadori)

Chapter 409. Emergency Bad News Broadcast.....Pg.

凶報緊急大放送 (Kyōhō Kinkyū Daihōsō)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Tony Tony ChopperStrong Point
Walking Point
Arm Point
Hara Gin Jou - Kokutei Roseo
Kokutei Cross
Heavy Gong
Guard Point
Brain Point
Jumping Point
Roseo Metel
Monster Point
FukuroMoon Walk (Geppo)
Iron Body (Tekkai)
Shave (Soru)
Super Heavy Finger Pistol Speed Punch - Dugong
Fukuro Dataki
Storm Leg (Rankyaku)
Iron Body Dama
Sketch Slime (Kamie Slime)
KakuStorm Leg (Rankyaku)
Storm Leg - Hakurai
Shave (Soru)
Storm Leg - Ran
Storm Leg - Amanedachi
Roronoa ZoroSantoryu - 72-Caliber Phoenix
KumadoriLife Return: Hair Bind (Sei Mei Ki Kan: Kami Shibari)
Finger Pistol: Cue
Shave (Soru)
Iron Body (Tekkai)
Shishi Kababu
Shishi Finger Pistol
Iron Body - Strength (Takkai - Go)
Storm Leg - Lotus (Rankyaku - Renge)
Yana Jin Jo
FrankyFranky Boxing
Franky Triangle Jacker
Weapons Left
Strong Hammer
Beans Left
Destroyer Cannons
Franky Butterfly
Coup de Boo
Franky Centaur
70mm-Caliber 0.2 Cola Cannon
Miniature Coup de Cannon
Coup de Vent
KalifaIron Body (Tekkai)
Shave (Soru)
Moon Walk (Geppo)
Finger Pistol (Shigan)
Storm Leg (Rankyaku)
Golden Bubbles (Golden Awa)
Sheep Cloud Relaxing Bubbles (Hitsuji Gumo: Relax Hour)
Bubble Master - Soap Sheep
JabraFinger Pistol (Shigan)
NamiThunder Charge - Swing Arm
Thunder Ball - Thunder Volt Tempo

Points of Interest

  • Volume 42 is only the second cover that Luffy doesn't appear on. Though, if the first time no Straw Hat member has appeared. Though Nico Robin was a member at the time, she was on the cover of Volume 21.
  • The story of the former Baroque Works members is continued in the splash pages of this volumes.
  • Miss Goldenweek reveals the secret wishes of the Barique Works members with her powers in the splash page cover stories.
  • Each of the Straw Hats pair off against CP-9 members, but Nami, Sanji, and Usopp will switch opponents.
  • Kaku and Kalifa's Devil Fruit powers are finally revealed this volume. Kaku ate the Cow-Cow Fruit: Model Giraffe. Kalifa ate the Bubble-Bubble Fruit.
  • Jabra's Devil Fruit is revealed to be the Dog-Dog Fruit: Model Wolf.
  • Zoro describes Enies Lobby being like a zoo. Each of the CP-9 are modeled after specific animals.
  • Zoro and Usopp and held by the shackles that need the Number 2 Key.
  • Kumadori had the number 3 key. Kumadori had the number 4 key.
  • Gear Third is once again hinted at in this volume, but it wont be revealed until Volume 44.
  • Frankys tattoos on his shoulder reveals he's the 36th model of this Battle Franky machines.


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