Pirate Ship Queen Emeraldas

Pirate Ship Queen Emeraldas is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 02/08/1979

Plot Summary

"Those that are beautiful and those blessed with talent will all become decrepit and die someday. This is the fate for all life forms born in this universe." - Narrator

The GE999 attacked by the space pirates
The GE999 attacked by the space pirates

Because the GE999 is traveling through a particularly dangerous area space, the Galaxy Railways send an armored car with Black Hole Cannons to protect them on their journey. However, when Pirate Queen Emeraldas shows up, she and her crew are able to make short work of the armored car and capture the GE999. Under fear of death, Emeraldas forces the train to follow her back to Jewel, the planet which she uses as a base of operations. Still aboard the GE999, Maetel tells Tetsuro not to worry and that Emeraldas is actually after her, not the GE999 and it's crew. This worries Tetsuro but there is little he can do about it given the circumstances.

Maetel on an operating table
Maetel on an operating table

The GE999 eventually arrives on Jewel and Emeraldas order all passengers to exit the ship. When she spots Tetsuro and Maetel, she sounds down a massive mechanical claw to grab them and bring them aboard the Queen Emeraldas, her personal pirate ship. Once aboard the ship, Maetel is forced to duel against a completely robed Emeraldas. Tetsuro tries to intervene and fight in Maetel's place but Maetel stops him and begins the battle. As the two duel, Maetel avoids an attack and accidentally opens a door to the ship and falls out of it. Emeraldas recovers her body and tells Tetsuro to follow her to a private room where she reveals that she has a mechanical body and plans on stealing Maetel's body in a method similar to Laala from the Double Planet. With a clear view of the operating room, Emeraldas suddenly vanishes, leaving Tetsuro trapped inside.


Tetsuro is able to shoot the lock off the door and escape and comes across a large door with a pirate logo on it. He enters the room and is greeted by a young woman laying on a bed who appears to be sick. Tetsuro can see pictures of the woman and Maetel on her bedside table, prompting him to ask about her identity. The woman says that she is Emeraldas, the captain of the ship. Tetsuro is confused about the two different Emeraldas and Emeraldas tells him that the masked person whom he met earlier is simply an android that she uses as a proxy. Tetsuro tells Emeraldas about the android's plan and she deduces that it wants to steal Maetel's body and impersonate Emeraldas, who bears a striking resemblance to Maetel. With Emeraldas' help, Tetsuro heads toward the operating room to save Maetel. When he arrives, he is surprised to see multiple androids already defeated and Maetel battling against the android. After disrobing it, Tetsuro takes a clean shot and is able to kill the android. Once this is complete, Emeraldas lowers her ship and tells Maetel and Tetsuro that they can leave. Maetel asks to see Emeraldas, but she refuses.

Back aboard the GE999, Maetel laments that even though Emeraldas is sick and dying, she can do whatever she wants and is free to travel the universe while she herself is trapped in fate and must travel along the GE999 in an immortal body.

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