Pipiruma! #1 - Pipiruma!

is a manga book published by Hit Publishing that was released on 06/17/2011

Plot Summary


When the powerful Prince of an advanced race of humans living in space is caught by his enraged father getting busy with two servants, he banishes his stunned son through a dimensional portal down to Earth! Now trapped on a foreign planet and unable to return back home to the Kingdom of Magilinarsa unless he manages to collect the true love of six women on Earth, it is up to the playboy Prince to accomplish his tasks so that he can finally return back home.


Pipiruma! was originally created by the manga artist Yuuki Homura and published by HIT Publishing on ______, 2012.

Pipiruma! Chapters

Chapter One

Irking his father The King of Magilinarsa with his constant sexual flings, the Prince finds himself banished down to Earth, unable to return back to his home from exile until he earns the love of six women on Earth! Luckily for the playboy Prince, he is approached by the worried Yui, a beautiful woman that he decides that will be the first woman that he earns the love of. The bashful, shy Yui is in for a wild night once she brings the Prince back to her home to sit out the rainstorm!

Chapter Two

Now with one of the six earned loves out of the way, the Prince (currently in a relationship with Yui after their romantic night together) tags along with her to school so that he can not only keep her company, but to check out the other women on campus. He takes notice of a distrustful, withdrawn girl by the name of Hayate after bumping into her, and after witnessing a terrible vision of the traumatic pain and suffering that Hayate has endured over the past few years, decides to do everything in his power to help set things right for her. To Hayate, he is just another scumbag man who she sees as only trying to take advantage of her, but she could have never dreamed that he would be the salvation to her pain!

Chapter Three

Karen and Sawamori love each other very much, and Karen longs to one day start a family of her own. Unfortunately, it is an impossible dream due to the fact that she is in a relationship with another female who can't get her pregnant. Frustrated that she can not fulfill the dream that Karen wishes for unless she becomes a male, Sawamori seeks out the Prince after hearing from her friend Hayate on how he healed her with his "sexual" magic. Offering him her virginity in order to be transformed into a man, the Prince reluctantly agrees to the deal, mildly disappointed that such a beautiful girl would give up her great figure and large bust to become a man. Can Sawamori become the man who can bring the wishes of her lover Karen true at last?

Chapter Four


Chapter Five



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