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A shy, distrusting teenager who's life was ruined by both a terrible accident and the victim of a terrible gang rape, Hayate harbors a strong disliking of men, shunning them away. She allows the Prince to take advantage of her, only to be shocked that he has healed her pain.


The kind, loving, and timid bisexual girlfriend to Sawamori, Karen longs to one day start a family of her own with Sawamori. Unfortunately, since her lover is also a girl, there is no way that they can have a kid together. That was true, until the Prince works his magic!

King of Magilinarsa

The small, rodent-like King who is disgusted with his playboy son who would rather have sex with women than prepare for the day that he inherits the throne. Unleashing his rage, he banishes his son to Earth, needing to earn the love of six women in order to return.

Nozomi Houjou

The loving, caring bisexual lover of Karen, Nozomi Houjou is devastated that she can not fulfill Karen's dream of starting a family since she is a female. Trading her virginity to Prince in order for him to transform her into a male, she gives Karen the surprise of her life!


The playboy Prince of a advanced race of human from another dimension, he is banished to Earth by his enraged father who has caught him having sex with two servants. He must earn the love of six women on Earth in order to end his exile and return home.


A beautiful, shy woman who accidentally bumps into the Prince in the middle of a rainstorm, Yui is shocked when he begins putting the moves on her, telling her how much he loves her. She falls deeply in love with him after their sexual romp, becoming his first true love.

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