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When the powerful Prince is caught by his enraged father getting busy with two servants, he banishes his stunned son through a dimensional portal down to Earth! Now trapped on a foreign planet and unable to return back home, he must earn the love of six women on Earth!


Pipiruma! follows the life of the playboy Prince from another dimension, where a super-advanced race of humans live in space. When he is caught by his enraged father performing sex with two of his personal servants, the King of unleashes his rage upon his stunned son, opening a dimensional portal to Earth and banishing his son to live in exile there. In order to return back home to the advanced Kingdom of Magilinarsa, the Prince must first earn the love of six women on Earth in order to appease his frustrated father so he can be brought back from exile.


Pipiruma! was originally created by the manga artist Yuuki Homura and released for publication by HIT Publishing. Homura is best known for his work on one-shot hentai productions.


Major Characters

Prince: A smooth, suave playboy who enjoys having wild sex with the beautiful servants on his home planet, the Prince is caught by his father having sex with two of his personal servants and is banished through a dimensional portal down to Earth. To gain back the favor of his father, who is the King of Magilinarsa, the Prince must earn the love of six women down on Earth and learn the "skills" that he will need when he becomes the next King.

King of Magilinarsa: The small, rodent-like King who is disgusted with his son's constant sexual romps with various servants, he finally snaps at his son when he catches him in the middle of having sex with two more servants. Opening a dimensional portal down to Earth, he uses his powers to banish his playboy son to exile on Earth, needing to earn the love of six women on Earth and learn the "skills" that he will need for the day the Prince becomes the next King of Magilinarsa before he is allowed to come back.

Yui: A beautiful woman who bumps into the stunned Prince sitting down in the middle of a rainstorm as she walks home from town, Yui is surprised by the sudden moves that the Prince begins putting upon her as soon as they arrive back at her house. Unable to resist his dashing charms and sexual talents, Yui falls deep in love with him, becoming not only his new girlfriend, but the first of the six women that he needs to earn the love of in order to return home.

Hayate: A shy, weary teenager who was the victim of a terrible gang rape several years ago and is unable to compete for the cross country team due to the complications of a terrible accident. Hayate harbors a strong distrust of men and shuns them away. When she returns home from the university, she notices that the Prince has followed her home, and decides to give up and let him take advantage of her like the men who raped her several years ago. However, the Prince has no intentions of raping her, but intends to use his magical powers in order to heal the physical and mental scars that Hayate has suffered through over the past few years. Hayate is stunned to find herself cured of her pain shortly after having sex with him and becomes deeply affectionate for the Prince, since he has returned her virginity that was stolen away and removed the damage to her legs so that she can compete once again. Hayate becomes the second woman of the six the Prince needs to earn the love of in order to return home. She finally opens her heart to her longtime friend Mizuno, offering to take him out to dinner with her.


Nozomi Houjou:

Minor Characters

Mizuno: The male friend of Hayate who seeks to take her out on a dinner date, he finds himself rejected by her as they get ready to leave class. Mizuno tries his hardest to open his heart to Hayate and show her how much he loves her, but she always turns cold towards him and rejects him. At the conclusion of Chapter Two, Mizuno is surprised when the suddenly joyful Hayate asks him out to dinner with her.

Other Media

As of now, the characters of Pipiruma! have yet to be featured in any merchandise or products outside of the main Pipiruma! volume.

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June 17, 2011
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English Name Pipiruma!
Japanese Name: ぴぴる魔っ!
Romaji: Pipirumā!
Publisher Hit Publishing
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