Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise is an anime episode of Bunny Drop that was released on 07/15/2011

Plot Summary

Daikichi and Rin start their hectic mornings at 5:45 AM. As Daikichi takes Rin to go clothing shopping, he suddenly forgets to enroll her in a nursery school. Desperate, he calls his cousin who suggests one for emergency, temporary enrollments. On Rin's first day of school, Daikichi notices the dejected face on Rin as he rushes off to work, pinky promising her that he will be back to get her. Though he is late, he does eventually come back, though well after all of the other children have left. Balancing work and his parent duties causes him to underperform at work and leads him to refuse drinking with friends as well as smoking at home. However big the burden Rin has become in Daikichi's life, he is still unwilling to pardon the decisions of Rin's mother, Masako.

Characters & Voice Actors

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