Piling Up and Rippling

Piling Up and Rippling is an anime episode of Tari Tari that was released on 09/16/2012
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Wakana's song is finished and The Choir Sometimes Badminton Club is determined to perform on stage together. They take steps to get the costumes, set and props done, and practice their hearts out together. Construction work continues around the school, as it prepares to close down and turn into a condominium complex. Emotions are a mixed around the school, but Konatsu and the others seem happy with all they've been through together.

Plot Summary

Let's do this!
Let's do this!

Despite the news that the Shirohamazaka High School will be closed down and renovated into a condominium complex, Wakana has finished writing her song, and wants everyone to sing it together. Best case scenario is that they get permission to un-cancel the White Festival, the worst case scenario is that they sing by themselves on the stage together with no one watching. However, everyone agrees that if they can sing together, they will be able to remember all the memories, fighting and losing, laughing and crying, winning and losing, that they had together. Hopefully if other people hear it, they will feel the same way too.

Taichi is able to get a picture of Sawa (to give to Hamachi for helping him paint the sets). Sawa agrees to have her picture taken, and even poses, saying she'll stomp Hamachi if the sets turn out sloppy. As Taichi leaves, Sawa goes back to dancing, and Taichi snaps another, lower quality, photo of Sawa from the side and gives this one to Hamachi, keeping the photo of Sawa posing for himself. On his way back to the practice room, Taichi thinks he sees the props Atsuhiro made being loaded into a truck. He goes to the practice room and confirms they are no longer there. Taichi notifies everyone and they chase after the truck, which is heading to the dump.

Nane bites her tongue
Nane bites her tongue

Konatsu is furious as she goes to a student council meeting. She proposes to un-cancel the White Festival. Also Konatsu complains that for some people the White Festival is the only stage for them, unlike those who are going into professional schools or are going into big competitions. Konatsu doesn't want to end up the kind of adult that bends and makes decisions just because they come from higher ups (referring to how the Principal agreed to close down the school). The Principal overhears this. Nanae says the choir group cannot prepare songs in such a short time. Konatsu spits back, "And you call us amateurs!" to which Nanae does not respond. It comes to a vote, and Konatsu loses, but Konatsu says they will still sing. The others return from the dump with Atsuhiro's props which are all broken. Konatsu blames Taichi and they start fighting. Atsuhiro starts singing and says he will just make new ones. Everyone heads home, and they say they'll keep working together tomorrow.

Naoko listens
Naoko listens

The next day Wakana visits her mother's grave at the cemetery. Wakana sees Naoko (the Vice Principal) there. She is sad that she has not been able to make her music last the way Mahiru did. Wakana approaches her and has her listen to the song she wrote with her mother. Wakana thanks Naoko for the advice she gave her, "that it should be fun." Naoko admits that it was Mahiru that always told her to have fun. Wakana explains that having fun wasn't enough, that she had a lot of help from her friends, and Wakana knows that her mother had a good friend too (refering to how Naoko was best friends with Mahiru). Naoko starts crying.

A poster advertising their performance
A poster advertising their performance

Atsuhiro stays at school overnight to work on the props. Taichi offers to work on the costumes, but the girls don't have faith in Taichi's abilities. Taichi goes to the sewing club for help, they graciously help him make the costumes. Taichi wants to help out any way he can, and ends up fetching some meat buns for the members of the sewing club. Meanwhile Sawa and Shiho meet with managers of the shops in the district to see if they can put posters up around the district to advertise their performance. Lastly Konatsu gives the sheet music to Ueno for her to practice so she can accompany them on piano. Konatsu and Nanae butt heads again. The Principal tries to ask the manager of the to-be condo complex to reconsider cancelling the White Festival, saying he does not want to be the adult that ruins children's dreams. The Manager advises to just wait for things to blow over, and since construction is behind schedule, they will be enforcing a rule that students will not be permitted on the campus past 5p.m. or on weekends or holidays, violators will be suspended.

Waiting for the rain to die down
Waiting for the rain to die down

The Choir Sometimes Badminton club continues to practice hard, the sewing club works on the costumes, Hamachi works on painting the sets, and the word is spread around the shopping district about the performance. The day before the performance, it's pouring rain. As the club reflect on all that has happened, they would be happy if only one person came, and they definitely had a lot of fun together.


  • Japanese Name: "Kasanetari hibiitari" (重ねたり 響いたり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

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Kanami Sekiguchi Character Artist/Designer
Masakazu Hashimoto Director
Shiro Yamaguchi Music


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