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Alien, who comes first to earth. He doesn`t want work together with anyone. Kisshu fell in love with Ichigo and tries kill her crush, Masaya. But when Kisshu died, Ichigo cried for him.

Kodama Himegami

Student at Tenbi Gakuen that states that Takeru Ohyama is her mortal enemy.

Kokoa Shuzen

Kokoa is Moka`s little half sister, who constantly attacks the group to get the Rosario away from Moka. It usually ends with her hugging her full powered sister like mad.

Komoe Harumachi

Kotomi Irie

Kotomi is Naoki and Kotoko's daughter.

Kozue Orihara


A Masō-shōjo who is the serial killer responsible for killing Ayumu.

Kyoko Inaba

One of Nube's students.

Kyoko Tokiwa


The new Phantom Saint of the Blue Dragon.

Lenalee Lee

The heroine of D.Gray-Man. She is a very sweet 16-year-old lady with dark green hair and purple eyes. She is the very first exorcist that has a crystal type innocence. She is the sister of the chieftain of Europe's Black Order and seems to have feelings for Allen Walker.

Li Raichi

An assassin who is a member of Yomi in the Mightiest Disciple franchise. Uses Drunken Kung-fu.

Lin Grace

Lucia Nanami

Merimaid Princess of North Pacific Ocean, keeper of the pink pearl, the main character of the story.

Mafuyu Orifushi

One of the leading sisters in the Hentai anime Kanojo X Kanojo X Kanajo.


Maki is a underclassman and friend to Yukio Washimine.

Makinami Mari Illustrious

Makinami Mari Illustrious is a mysterious girl who is a secret operative that was the pilot of Eva Unit-05, and sneaked into Japan to infiltrate NERV for a yet unknown purpose.

Mako Kirino

Mako Kirino is a new wrestler who joins Team Gigamax. She respects Justice Asuka, but she doesn't like Ryoma at first.

Mami Tamachi

Mami Tamachi is the childhood friend of Ryu Ogura, and she looks after him on his mother's request.

Mari Nishino

Mari Nishino is Takeru's cousin.

Mari Tomita

Ikki's Homeroom teacher.


Main character of Marine A Go-Go


The daughter and only child of Krillin and Android 18.

Matilda Matisse

She is a member of the team "Hana-gumi" (flower), one of Hao's followers.


Also known as Meilin. She has glasses and is very clumsy. She will often run into and break things.

Mayoi Hachikuji

An 5th grader who seem to be lost because of a 'snail'. She also is carrying a large backpack.

Mayuka Masaki

Tenchi's Self-Proclaimed Daughter in the film "Daughter of Darkness".

Megumi Minami

Mei Kusakabe

Mei Kusakabe if the younger sister of Satsuki Kusakabe in the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Miku Hatsune

Miku Hatsune is a 'character' from the Vocaloid Character Vocal Series synthesiser developed by Yamaha Corporation

Mina Azuki

Mina Azuki is the daughter of Miyuki Azuki and younger sister of Miho Azuki.


A sniping prodigy with an abrasive personality. One of the protagonists in Akame ga Kill!

Mio Aoyama

Daughter of the former president of Aoyama Central Industry. She becomes poor, but continues pretending to be rich.

Mio Naganohara

Mio is a bright and cheerful girl. She has blue hair in pig-tails held up by two wooden cubes. She is sometimes frustrated by other's incompetence (especially Yuuko), but is always caring and helpful to friends.

Mio Sawada

One of Harunas best friends at school.

Misa Amane

Misa is an actress/singer that came into possession of a Death Note. She developed a crush on Kira and devoted herself to his cause, even making a deal for Shimigami eyes (the ability to know anyone's name by looking at them) in exchange for half her lifespan.

Miu Furinji

A transfer student and one of Kenichi's first friends.

Miyako Gotokuji

Miyako is the "Bubbles" of the Powerpuff Girls Z group, keeping the group cheerful with her upbeat and bubbly personality.

Motoko Gettou

Motoko was adopted by three different martial artists and train in three different styles (Attack, Speed and Defense) after the death of her mother. But it caused her to have a split-personalities for each style.

Nami Aoi

Twin sister of Sora. Constantly trying to set her brother up with her best friend, Kana Sumiya.

Nana Asta Deviluke

The younger sister of Lala and the twin sister of Momo Velia Deviluke and the 2nd Princess of Deviluke.

Nanako Dojima

Nanako Dojima is the cousin of Yu Narukami in the series Persona 4.

Nanoha Takamachi

Nanoha is a 3rd grade girl who possesses an inherent magical power. With the help of a magic jewel, called Raging Heart, she transforms into a magical girl. Her pure heart and extreme courage make her a force to be reckoned with.

Naoko Kondo

Is a bounty hunter that work with the Police Company, she is one of the only humans who work there

Naruko Anjou

A childhood friend of Jinta and Menma, and she likes Jintan.

Ninomiya Kimi

Kimi is Ryo's younger sister.

Nodoka Haramura

Nodoka is a freshman student. She is a champion Mah Jong player.

Oishi Kawaii

Oishi Kawaii is a space demon hunter and the successor to her father, who was also a demon hunter but got fired because he's terrible at it.

Okazaki Norie

An energetic girl who is infatuated with Fu's little brother, Kou.


A magician of the Octobrists. She was charged with watching Toyohisa's group of Drifters.

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