Physis is a anime/manga character in the Toward the Terra franchise
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Miss Physis is a fortuneteller of the Mu who helps lead the Mu to a peaceful future. She is often called Goddess of the Mu by Soldier Blue.


Miss Physis was synthetically created by Mother Eliza in order to create a perfect human capable of leading mankind, but she was one of the failures and was to be disposed of. But Soldier Blue comes to her rescue and takes her way to the Mu mothership where, as Physis requests, removes the memories that were filled with suffering and sorrow. Blue gives her a power to see the future so she can help guide the Mu to a peaceful future.

Story Arc

After years of wandering to find Terra Jomy comes to Miss Physis to ask if Terra is the only way the Mu can find happiness. She looks at the cards and sees a barren red planet which may lead them to happiness. This lets Jomy decide that the Mu should settle on this planet and ask for a name which Physis renames to Nazca. After the Mu had settled the planet Miss Physis senses a foul omen coming to Nazca and wishes to go to the surface. While on the surface she names a newborn Mu whom she is godmother of. While on the surface the foul wind finally arrives as Keith Anyan. As Jomy tries to stop Keith she senses a familliarality about him. While Keith is imprisoned she goes to see him and when she probes his mind she sees that he has the same memories as her, she hurries off frightened. When there is an explosion she goes to investigate but is taken hostage by Keith Anyan. When Soldier Blue finds Keith and her, he shoots an energy beam at him but Physis blocks it for Keith for an unknown reason.

After Soldier Blue's death the cards no longer have any meaning and she can no longer see the future. In place of the powers she has lost she is regaining the memories that Blue had once taken away, she wishes to see again the memory of when she and Blue first met. Tony interrupts her and he ridicules her for communicating with Keith and letting him get away and as a result his mother and many of his friends on Naska were killed. He asks her how will she compensate for those crimes. He notices that she lost her powers at the same time Soldier Blue was killed and states that she is a human that only had received powers and pretends to be a Mu. Tony smells the same scent coming off of her that is the same as Keith's. After Tony had left she sees her first memory of Blue, she is appalled when she also sees that she was is a test tube during their first meeting and Keith was along side her.

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Name: Physis
Gender: Unknown
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toward the Terra #1
1st anime movie:
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