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On Sandy Planet, where the locals are so stupid they worship Magic Markers, chieftain's daughter Aun goes AWOL because she's got a crush on a troubadour, and laconic local boy Photon is sent to find her before she causes trouble. But Photon discovers a crashed spaceship and wakes its beautiful pilot, Keyne, from her cryogenic slumber. Accidentally marrying her by writing the word "Idiot" on her forehead, Photon is forced to protect Keyne from the evil spacefaring prince Papacha.

Planned, like its stablemate Tenchi Muyo!, as a multimedia promotion involving animation, radio drama, novels, and a manga, Photon is distinguished by Battle Athletes-director Masunari allowing the designers free rein with their insane visual conceits, from a girl who can stop time in selected places, to levitation garters, wind-powered landspeeders, and a girl trying to proclaim her love through a mouthful of sand. Sadly, the script doesn't live up to the visual promise, relying on puerile nudie gags and a charmless lead, though moments remain when it looks as if a mad scientist has combined Dragon Half and NausicaƤ in a secret laboratory. N

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General Information Edit
Name: Photon
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1997
Romaji: Photon
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 45 (mins)
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Aliases The Idiot Adventures
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