PHOENIX WRIGHT Movie Gets A New Poster And A Full Trailer!

Topic started by No_name_here on Nov. 8, 2011. Last post by GaspoweR 3 years, 4 months ago.
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Now, more than ever... OBJECTION!
Now, more than ever... OBJECTION!

Last week, our glimpse at the Takashi Miike’s PHOENIX WRIGHT movie was compromised by the running commentary of a bunch of variety show panelists. Now, Bleeding Cool’s found the unadulterated, full-length trailer and it somehow looks even more hyper than it did last week. Go on and give a look below…

Makes you wonder how much scarves and other dandy accessories will actually help your case…

There’s also this pic of the flick’s official poster, and it reminds a whole lot of the one-sheet for SOURCE CODE for some reason. Maybe it just comes down to the infamous “gold and teel” color scheme that’s flustered countless bloggers? It certainly fits that the cast’s faces would be all up in a sheet much like all those holographic legal briefs Wright San is flinging at his courtroom opponents in the trailer, doesn't it?

And by the way… this is set in the year 20XX? Like I’ve said, I’ve never played the games, so I wasn’t aware of this until now. I don’t know if that’s Capcom’s standard conceit for all its futuristic games, but I find it terribly amusing to think that Phoenix Wright is conducting law at the same time that Mega Man’s blowing up robot masters. You can just see Gutsman suing him for damages in court, can’t you?

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now im gonna wait for this to be licensed by hollywood and gets ruined

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Yeah, in all but 1 case they always left the year vague, but stated it was basically the near future.

The only case they mentioned a year at all was the bonus DS exculsive case in the first Phoenix Wright case, which mentioned the year the DL-6 case took place and that the statute of limitations was coming to an end on it and stating the exact amount of time it takes for it to do so. If IIRC correctly it set the 1st game at around 2015, 2nd 2016, 3rd, 2017.

I had written out a time frame for each case but I don't recall where it is at the moment.

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I wonder if it will cover the whole first game. It has the villain from the third case and the fourth is obviously playing a prominent role. They also show Mia Fey both alive and reincarnated, implying the presence of the second. The first case would be a great way to introduce the characters. The fifth case wasn't in the original game, and kills the climax of the fourth, so probably just cases 1-4? But that's awesome and great, and the fifth case was long enough they could probably make a movie just based on that one (or in conjunction with one of the less important cases from the later games).

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This movie looks so wonderfully insane. I hope it sees a U.S. release.

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Looking mighty badass! :D

@buhssuht said:

now im gonna wait for this to be licensed by hollywood and gets ruined

Why? Can't you enjoy what's currently being done in Japan instead :P

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Awesome! Color me excited!

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