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The legendary alchemic amplifying substance the Elric brothers have been searching for to restore their bodies.

The Philosophers Stone, a legendary and ancient amplifier for alchemic energy it has many names such the Red Elixir, the Kings Element, The Fifth Element, The Elixir. Just as it holds many names it also holds many forms it can be liquid one minute then hard as a stone the next.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)

The first anime series based on the manga titled Fullmetal Alchemist varied wildly from the original manga canon story. Much of the story was changed and the history of the Philosopher's Stone was also altered in this anime series.


Although many rumor go on about the philosophers stones true origins Lady Dante explains its history in the anime. Nearly 400 years Both her and Hoenheim had perfected it using the lives of those dying of the plague and those sentenced during the witch trials they finally completed it. However the large amounts of energy needed to transmute the stone had taken it toll on Hoenheim and he was dying. Desperate to save his life Dante panicked and affixed his soul to a nearby fellow accomplice. It was then that they discovered eternal life. Transferring their souls into new bodies every time their old bodies aged they would cheat death or so it seemed. Not long after the continous cycle of reincarnation Hoenheim left Dante side. Soon aftwards both Hoenheim and Dante's bodies began to rott. Hoenheim left his family because he could not bear to watch himself rott in front of his wife and children. He discovered that everytime they transferred their souls into a new body they left a little bit of themselves behind in the old shell eventually the souls themselves became to weak to maintain a body. Meaning that even with the philosopers stone's power it could not grant immortality. 


The array need to create the Philosophers Stone
The array need to create the Philosophers Stone
Creating a Philosophers Stone isn't as simple as merely placing a few humans on a transmutation circle and transmuting them into the stone. No, to make the stone requires a more complex and wayward process that only the most skilled of alchemist can decifer.Although MANY of the ingrediants were never mentioned in the anime some of them were silicon, water, iron and kalcium. Many FMA fans believe mercury is also an ingredient it is never stated so. There is also the matter of its transmutation the first way of
transmuting the stone was created by Hoenheim when the first stone was invented, it requires being atop of the transmutation circle with the ingrediants surrounding the outher layer of the array then clapping both hands to complete the sequence. The other way of creating the stone is placing the transmutation circle over ones entire body through tatoos. This process creates the stone within the alchemist body and soul turing them into a living philosophers stone. According to Al by doing this it not only changed his composition which made his blood seal unbreakable but it also made him lighter. A side effect of this is that Al could not come into contact with an alchemist without subconsciously activating the stone thereby opening the gate.

STEP1. The Red Water-

In the FMA universe there is an alchemic substance known as red water it is the FMA equivalent to mercury, which is considered the ultimate element in alchemy along with gold.Like Mercury it is poisonous to bear around/contact with. However it possess tremendous alchemic maleability and when harnessed into Red stones by compressing/filtering the Red Water it can create a substance that can bypass equivilent exchange. But on a much smaller level.
By fusing Red Stones on a large scale and then retransmuting into liquid form it can be used in a process that with human lives creates pseudo Philosophers Stones.

STEP2. Pseudo Stones-
The pseudo Philosophers Stones can very in power and form. Mostly varying in power due to the amount of human lives are placed in them. Marco's Stone was more advance and was able to switch between liquid and solid putty like form without the use of transmutation. It has been suggested that the Homunculus eat the lesser powerful stones that ressemble red stones. Though Marco's stone held some power it still was flawed it was unstable and could lose its stable form at any given time. For this reason using the stone in those form is both the safest and most dangerous form of the Philosophers Stone.

Red stone
Red stone
After creating a pseudo stone many more must be duplicated to complete the next part of the process. By gathering and storing pseudo stones within tanks in their liquid form and then alchemicly compressing them a more stabilized version of the stone is created although not perfect if stored and fused in the right quantities it can turn an alchemist into a machine of ware or rather "a living god" as Lust put however that much exposure to the material at once causes the stone to be activated on an emotional level.

Upon collecting the finished product of the previous step into several tanks and six tubes the next step can begin. By placing six tubes in a key pattern and having the walls aligned with the needed alchemic symbols an alchemic fusion can take place. The walls must contain the pseudo stones in them in the form of tanks after which the needed symbol is affixed to the floor and ceiling directly above. The final act can begin, at this point all that is missing before the transmutation can take place are human sacrafices more then 14 or so. By having them placed within the transmutation circles then colliding all the active ingredients and using the lives of the humans to stabilize the sequence a completed Philosophers Stone can be created.

Despite being perfected the stone is in a form of dormant slumber to best describe it although an alchemist can still use it in this dormant state it is far more effective to "activate" the stone. To do this the stone must be placed within a certain transmutation pattern by doing this the stone transmutes more effectively requiring less energy per transmutation thus lasting longer. Even so The Philosophers Stone requires a skilled alchemist to use it. Otherwise risk "overdoing" a transmutation and eroding the stone.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Philosophers Stone
Japanese Name: 賢者の石
Romaji Name: Kenja no Ishi
Aliases Red Elixir
Kings Element
Fifth Element
1st manga book: Fullmetal Alchemist #1
1st anime episode: Fullmetal Alchemist #1
1st anime movie:
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