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 Bang bang, she shot me down...
 Bang bang, she shot me down...

Nothing like an upskirt shot to punctuate a contemplative scene about previous lives, huh? Though, I’m sure Ein probably wouldn’t even care if anybody got an eyeful. She hasn’t exactly been a model of modesty. Hell, considering how jealous she’s getting of McCunnen's continued sexual harassment of Zwei, she’s probably even wishing the guy would take a pervy look at her.

It was a bit unclear at first, but I realize now that the “dream sequence” was actually supposed to be a glimpse of Zwei’s life prior to his memory loss. Seems like Inferno saw something promising in his hysterical-yet-effective attempts at survival - - though I wonder if he might’ve been cooler about the ladies in his previous life. You’d think a stone cold killer wouldn’t freak out so much when his boss grabbed his leg.

 Workplace sexual harassment never looked so haute culture.
 Workplace sexual harassment never looked so haute culture.

I suppose I’m really hard-wired to find visual metaphors everywhere I look. As such, it’s apt that one of the later shots in this episode focuses Ein and Zwei walking down a train track that breaks off before it reaches the station because, unfortunately, I’m going to have to stop featuring REQUIEM FOR THE PHANTOM.  Like I’ve said, part of the fun of this feature is for the Anime Vice community to follow along with me as I watch & learn, and that’s simply not possible when there no (officially-sanctioned) videos to embed videos in my posts.

Truth be told, while this series does have a lot of merit, it still hasn’t captured my imagination the way other show have so far. It’s honestly a cod liver oil kind of show; well-written, well-acted and maybe even “good” for you, but the morose tone ultimately lacks the kind of color necessary to get me enthused about what’s coming next .   Maybe I’ll return someday but, ultimately, it hasn’t hooked tight enough after seven episodes. 

Stay tuned on this spot. I just got another package of anime from Funimation that I'm going to try out, and then I'll set up another poll for the next series that'll be the definitive one. 

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Just too bad to hear. I understand not continuing due to there not being a legal way to embed the video in the article but I suggest you watch the series on your own then and maybe do a summary write-up later. The action and interaction pick up a lot later (another female character for Zwei) and the ending is a must-see.
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Well keep this show on-hold till Funimation uploads the episodes. Still I recommend writing about it even if people are unable to follow. This is a type of show that  has a lot of build up till a certain point.
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FUNi had the show available at least on its website up until it was released on DVD. I think the company did so so that fans would buy the series.
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Well, if you're looking for a series that you might be able to embed, as a possible suggestion (since I'm planning on watching it anyway) - X the Series. It's currently on Hulu, which I believe lets you embed. Users outside the US might have a problem viewing the relevant episodes, but it's worth a shot.
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you know you could just have us buy the dvds.....
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I second metalsnakezero's recommendation. Similar to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, you are only a few episodes away from where the plot starts to get more interesting, although I can't say that this show is on quite the same level as FMA. 
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