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  If there's a Batmanga, it really only follows that there would eventually be a Batmanime.
 If there's a Batmanga, it really only follows that there would eventually be a Batmanime.

Since when did Adam West start voicing anime? I remember Spike Spencer telling me that he channeled George Takei for one of his roles. If the guy playing the mob boss with the ol’ GODFATHER qualms about drug dealing wasn’t intentionally trying to sound like the master of earnest tongue-in-cheek, then he should seriously think about auditioning to fill in for him on FAMILY GUY. The sad thing is, I don’t know if thinking that these Phantoms are actually whacking Batman’s wife and kid makes me or less empathetic to the situation. This show’s pushing my buttons and crossing my wires!

Man, and speaking of that hit, I was genuinely surprised that the show actually let Zwei go ahead and ice those innocents. Things were looking like they’d go all “Luc Besson” and Zwei’s conscience would win out, but then… *PFFFT* Good night and good bye.

It was tastefully done, but that’s still some cold, harsh nastiness. This show’s taken a pretty dramatic turn, now. Killing Wallace was a matter of self-defense, but this has crossed the line into anti-hero territory. Maybe even portrait-of-a-wretched-human-being territory.

Getting back to the kid (because it’d be cruel to forget him before his body's even gone cold)… does anybody sense some significance in how he recognized Zwei from the park? Maybe that sheep’s got his own wolfen sense of smell? Or maybe the wolf’s sheepskin cloak wasn’t actually that convincing.

And there’s no better way to cap off such an intense than some sexual harassment in the work place. It's interesting that’s Zwei’s supervisor’s grabby agenda includes her trying to get him to act on his own accord and be less obedient? Is she planning a coup or something? And hey - - what’s that? Is Ein getting jealous?

I'd tell you to watch this episode "Instant," but it seems like Funimation's only streaming the series up until the fourth episode? I'll find out what's up but, in the meantime,  read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Oh man, that's a huge bummer that they're not streaming the rest of the series.  I had already seen the other shows you did Watch & Learns for, so it was a lot of fun getting to watch these along with the articles.
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No more streams? That's unfortunate.
Well, funimation does offer other streams on their website so maybe you could pick a series from that, or go back to one of the other series from before. My vote is still for Claymore, but I think more people may be interested in Darker than Black.
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EDIT: It has been fixed. So that means people actually read my posts...
Alright...this is the second time I have pointed out poor syntax for a headline on Anime Vice but here we go:

Exactly did Adam West start voice acting in anime? 

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I like how quickly this show took a dark turn. However, I think it was pretty obvious that Ein would get jealous at some point but I think they moved to that notion too fast. Just another showing of Inferno's ability to take action. 

The kid is a Mafia child so he's bright. I'd say that is all there is to it. 

As for Zwei and McCunnen, this is only the beginning of her seeming seduction. I can't go into detail so you'll have to see where everything goes, Tom

As for the streaming dilemma, I believe Hulu has it and maybe YouTube?
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@sotyfan16 said:
" I like how quickly this show took a dark turn.
That was just the warm-up.
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