Phantom Quest Corp (OVA) Characters

Phantom Quest Corp (OVA) is an anime series
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Ayaka Kisaragi

Occult investigator and chairwoman of the Phantom Quest Corp. Also an alcoholic and a big spender.

Kouzou Karino

Lieutenant in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who often finds himself working with Ayaka Kisaragi to fight various occult threats.

Mamoru Shimesu

Secretary for the Phantom Quest Corp, responsible for the company's finances. Also the minder for the company's president, Ayaka Kisaragi.

Nanami Rokugou

Pyrokinetic working for the Phantom Quest Corp. She has little experience with her power, and occasionally loses control.


An Onmyoji working for the Phantom Quest Corp as their on-staff exorcist.


Medium and diviner working for Phantom Quest Corp. Ayaka regularly consults with her on her cases - and regularly stiffs her.

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