Phantom Picnic

Phantom Picnic is an anime episode of Karneval that was released on 04/17/2013

While under Circus's protection, a curious fact comes to light regarding Nai's true identity. With that clue in hand, Nai, Gareki, and several members of Circus pay a visit to where they believe Nai came from.

— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Phantom Picnic
Maboroshi Pikunikku
Theme Music
OpeningHenai no Rondo
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The doc kicks Yogi out from the infirmary room. Tsukumo apologizes for not watching Nai. Gareki feels guilty about Nai as well. In Nai's dreams, a voice tells Nai to abandon Gareki. Then, Nai sees Gareki petrified and cracking up. He wakes up and grab Gareki. When Nai offers the bracelet, Gareki states that he hates opportunists who play innocent. While Nai cries, Yogi tries to comfort him. The Hitsuji carry Gareki from an off limit place. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Hirato that Nai is not human. The doctor explains that he analyze the tissues and confirm that Nai belongs to a species called Niji.

In the command room, Hirato tells Yogi that he will test the bracelet if it gets a response from Nai. Afterwards, Gareki assures Nai that he will be by his side. In a meeting, Akari tells his superiors that he cannot dissect Nai since they might lose more information on his physiology or his creator. That night, the doctor informs Nai that they will visit Niji Forest. On their way, Akari explains that they will rely on Nai's hearing because Niji Forest causes machines to malfunction while creating illusions. Akari and the group find a burned down house. Nai leads them to a cave. Suddenly, Varuga flies attack Nai's group. Yogi engages the enemy with his sword. While Yogi fights the enemy, Nai protects an animal from being hurt. Though, the enemy's limbs heads towards Gareki and grabs him.

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Eiji Suganuma Director
Touya Mikanagi Original Concept Touya Mikanagi is a mangaka.


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