Phantom Lord Guild

Phantom Lord Guild is a anime/manga concept
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A powerful, yet ruthless guild. They are often at odds with Fairy Tail.

Elemental Four

ElementWizardBattles, Abilites and Status
Engages with Natsu and is defeated by Natsu.

Abilities: Manipulates fire and turns enemies' fire back at them. (For Natsu: changes the taste of fire) He has swordsmanship.

Status: Has not appeared since.
Ambushes Makarov and drains his magic.
Fight Natsu first and Erza second.
Makarov defeats him after using Fairy Tail to defeat Jose Porla.

Abilities: Can drain a wizard's magic.
Can create a wall of wind.

Status: Has not appeared since.
 Juvia Loxar
 Juvia Loxar
Abducts Lucy.
Engages Gray in battle and Gray defeats her.
Falls in love with Gray ever since.

Abilities: Manipulates water in any form.
Can adjust temperature of water.
Changes herself to water and trap others in water.

Status: Defects from Phantom Guild and join Fairy Tail.
Engages Elfman in battle.
Elfman defeats Sol.

Abilites: Manipulates earth to create clones and arms.
Can read the minds and the pasts of his enemies.

Status: Has not appeared since.
Other members
Gajeel Redfox is a steel dragon slayer who starts the battle of the guilds by destroying Fairy Tail's guild home and targeting the Shadow Gear Team.
Notes about Phantom Guild
General Information Edit
Concept Name Phantom Lord Guild
Japanese Name: ファントムロード
Romaji Name: Fantomu Rōdo
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #21
1st anime movie:
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