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Aladdin's trusted and loyal friend. He is easily tempted into stealing gold and gems.


A blue-eyed female cat with pink fur. She is the most sensible character, and she hardly ever tolerates stupidity.


Akamaru is the ninja hound partner of Kiba Inuzuka of Team 8 from the Hidden Leaf Village.


Alexander is the loyal dog and friend to Nina Tucker.


Appa is a flying bison from the Eastern Air Temple and the life long companion of Avatar Aang.


Arthur is a stray cat that Suzaku met. He found his way to Ashford Academy and was adopted by the Student Council, then became the source of much mischievousness.

Ash's Pikachu

Ash's first Pokémon, Pikachu is always with Ash on his adventures.


Bakula is a large black panther from Amazon Lily, and a pet of the Kuja Pirates. Often used for executions.


Bee is a dog that is owned by Hercules, that he and Buu found injured. Buu was able to heal it back to safety, and the dog remained friends with Hercule.

Black Hayate

Black Hayate is the dog that was adopted by Riza Hawkeye.


A strange creature known as a "mole-pig," but with remarkable intelligence.


Bosco is the pet bear of the king of the Earth Kingdom, King Kuei.


The pet monkey of King Kai.


Rabats partner.


Button is a character from the Clannad series.

Chim Chim

The chimpanzee friend of Spritle, younger brother of Speed Racer.


Chouchou is a dog from Orange Town that lost his owner. He protects the pet shop that he lived in.


Anthy Himemiya's pet monkey. His presence keeps both Utena and Anthy in company.


Chuck is the hyperactive, indestructible pet of Panty and Stocking.


Witch Haggar's cat familiar. Often used to spy on Zarkon and Haggar's enemies. In the GoLion Version of the series it was killed by Lotor


Den is the dog of Pinako Rockbell and has an automail leg.


Ebi is a magical seal-like creature from Seiren that stowed away with Tomoka to Earth.


Ein is a Welsh Corgi. He came from a lab and was referred to as a "data dog." Apparently he was extremely valuable. It seems that Ein possesses enhanced intelligence. He soon became part of the Cowboy Bebop crew.


No one really knows what Elizabeth is, other than the fact that he/she/it was adopted as a pet by Katsura, but became an equal member of the anti-foreigner faction.

Elizabeth and Francoise

Elizabeth and Francoise are the loyal hunting dogs of Ryoshi Morino. Though they normally don't like people. They seem to like Ryoko.


Eyelashes is a camel that befriended the Straw Hat crew and carried the girls through the difficult Alabasta Deserts.


Farul is the white horse of Cavendish, captain of the Beautiful Pirates.


Scanty and Kneesock's version of Chuck.


A large fire salamander named Flame. He is the familiar of Kirche.


Friender is a robot dog who is an ally of Casshern.


A large hot springs turtle from Parakelese island.


Leader of the Ginyu Force.


Gonbe is the pet rabbit of Chimney who thinks he's a cat.

Haiya Dragon

A young dragon that Gohan befriended as a child. Gohan taught it how to whistle and dance.


Cho Hakkai's pet dragon who is capable of turning into a jeep.


Hattori is the loyal pet to Rob Lucci of the Cipher Pol 9. During Lucci's time undercover in the Galley-La Company. Hattori played the role of the ventriloquist dummy for Lucci


Hawky is a pet messenger hawk of Sokka that he got in the Fire Nation.


Lucia's guardian who serves as her guide.


Hoe is the large pet whale of King Neptune of Fish-Man Island.


Self-proclaimed king of the stray dogs of New York. Controlls the stand know as "the Fool"


Illococoo, or Sylphid as she is called in her Dragon form, is Tabitha's familiar. She likes to think of herself as Tabitha's younger sister. In her dragon form she usually serves as a form of transportation.

James's Weezing

A Poison type Pokémon owned by James.

Jessie's Arbok

A Poison type Pokemon that is owned by Jessie.


Kiki's magical talking cat. He falls for the cute girl cat next door to Kiki's home in the city by the sea.


Joozu is the pet cat of Ririko Yugami.


Josephine is Arashiyama househld pet


Kirara is the demon companion of Sango, one of the last demon slayers. In her smallest two-tailed cat form Kirara has little power except being immune to fire. She can transforms into her larger form, and can fly very fast as well and carry several passengers.


A dog who is able to summon a Persona. He shows great courage and loyalty to his old master and the S.E.E.S. group.


Kuro is Kanako Urashima's cat.


Kuromaru is the ninja-hound partner of Tsume Inuzuka from the Hidden Leaf Village.

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