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Pet Owner is a anime/manga concept
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Alice Maresato

Alice Maresato is a seven year-old girl from Tokonosu City that lost her father. She was rescued by Takashi and his friends, and adopted into their team.

Ana Coppola

Ana and her family take care of their dog, Frusciante.

Ash Ketchum

The main protagonist of the Pokémon Anime. Ash has a dream of becoming the greatest Pokémon Master ever. To accomplish this he has set out on a journey throughout most of the regions known in the series to challenge the Gym Leaders and enter the region tournaments.


Former leader of the Pewter City Gym, Brock travels with Ash Ketchum, hitting on every attractive woman he meets.

Chika Itoh

Chika also owns her dog, Satake.

Dio Brando

Main antagonist in JoJo Bizarre Adventure since the beginning.


Edward owns her dog, Ein.

Excel Excel

Excel owns her dog, Menchi, which is also the emergency lunch supply.


Hocker is the owner of the local pet shop in Orange Town. He passed away due to an illness and left the shop to his beloved dog, Shu-Shu.


Jimmy was Mii's master.

Julie Yamamoto

Julie is the main love interest of Ben

Kain Fuery

Kain Fuery is a member of the Amestris State Military and one of Roy Mustangs most trusted allies. He specializes in communications equipment.

Kaori Tanaka

Kaori is a 14-year old girl living in Sotoba. Her best friend is Megumi Shimizu.

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba fights alongside his pet, Akamaru.

Kotarou Katsura

A Fellow former samurai working with Gintoki, he now operates with a strange creature named Elizabeth.

Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou is the caretaker of her boar, Button.


A member of GI Joe who is an M.P. he is partnered with his german shepherd dog named Order. In the new series GI Joe renegades he was seen as a prison guard, he was still partnered with Order

Maho Minami

Maho takes care of her dog, Beck alongside Ryusuke.

Matsuri Sakuragi

Matsuri is the caretaker of her ferret, John.

May Chang

May owns her panda, Shao May.


Mimi is the owner of her dog, Ginta.


First of many adventurers to travel with Ash Ketchum on his Pokémon journey. Misty specializes in water type Pokémon.


The First Mate of the Buggy pirates and a lion tamer. He is always with his giant Lion Richie.

Nefertari Vivi

The princess from the Kingdom of Alabasta, Vivi Nefertari becomes involved in the schemes of the nefarious Baroque Works under the leadership of Mr. 0, who seeks to cause enough unrest in Alabasta in order to cause a rebellion. She teams up with the Straw Hat Pirates in their adventures.

Nobue Itoh

Nobue takes care of her dog, Satake alongside Chika.


Nowa is a young half elf who protects the forest and animals living there.

Paul von Oberstein

Cheif of Staff or Reinhards fleet.

Pinako Rockbell

Pinako Rockbell is the grandmother of Winry Rockbell. She's an expert automail engineer and installer. Skilled as both a doctor and mechanic.

Raye Hino

Rei Hino is actually Sailor Mars, a evil fighting Sailor Scout with the power of fire, she along with the other scouts fight against evil everywhere. She specifically fights for love and justice in the name of Mars.

Rin Asogi

Rin helps Mimi take care of her dog, Ginta.

Ritsuko Kunihiro

Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye is a member of the Amestris State Military and one of Roy Mustang's most trusted allies. A military trained sniper, she's the one Mustang has chosen to watch his back.

Ryusuke Minami

Alongside Maho, he takes care of his dog, Beck.

Ryōshi Morino

A high school student who confesses to Ryouko Ookami, and ends up joining the Otogi Bank. He has a phobia of being seen.

Shun Shiratori

A young rich boy who doesn't know much of the outside world, but he is talented at drawing and joins Ashirogi Muto as their assistant. He goes on to start his own series based on his life with his dog.


Simon owns his mole, Boota.


VT owns his cat, Zeros.

Winry Rockbell

Winry Rockbell is the childhood friend of Edward and Alphonse Elric. She's a skilled automail mechanic and designer who lost both her doctor parents.

Yuuko Okonogi

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