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Personas is a anime/manga concept
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Himiko is the Sonar based Persona of Rise Kujikawa.


Izanagi is of Fools Arcana and the Persona of the main protagonist.


Jiraiya is of the Magician Arcana and the Persona of Yosuke Hanamura.

Kintoki Douji

Kintoki Douji is the Ice/White based Persona of Teddie.

Konohana Sakuya

Konohana Sakuya is of the Priestess Arcana and the Persona of Yukiko Amagi.

Magatsu Izanagi

Magatsu Izanagi is the dark Persona of Tohru Adachi.

Sukuna Hikona

Sukuna Hikona is the Light/Dark based Persona of Naoto.


Take-Mikazuchi is the lightning based persona of Kanji Tatsumi.


Teddie is a character in the game, manga and anime series: Persona 4


Tomoe is of the Chariot Arcana and the Persona of Chie Satonaka.

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